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The ALBVVG does not solve the bottleneck problem

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The ALBVVG does not solve the bottleneck problem

Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 11:12 a.m

The supply situation for children’s medicines has improved and there are fewer bottlenecks than last winter. This is because our member companies have increased production to the technical limit; it is not (yet) a consequence of the delivery bottleneck law ALBVVG. There is a fact check here about what the ALBVVG improves and what does not.

The situation with many children’s medicines has improved this winter. Unlike the previous cold season, there is currently no shortage of fever juices etc. But this is not a consequence of the ALBVVG, explains Pro Generika managing director Bork Bretthauer – but rather the performance of the generic companies and a consequence of the mild winter.

“Long before the ALBVVG came into force, our companies increased the production of fever juice and other children’s medicines,” says Bork Bretthauer. “They did this at their own expense and well before the ALBVVG came into force. This is one of the reasons why certain medicines are not currently in short supply. Another is the currently relatively relaxed infection situation for bacterial diseases.”

Nevertheless, one cannot speak of a structural easing of the situation. The problems outlined by wholesalers, pharmacists and pediatricians are too great for that – and the shortage of essential medicines such as penicillin V is too dramatic.

Bretthauer is concerned about the shortages of medicines in general: “99% of medicines are still not covered by the ALBVVG. Even if the measures laid down here can stabilize the situation with children’s medicines in the long term, it will not change the shortage of cancer drugs, antidepressants or HIV drugs, for example. Here we continue to stumble from bottleneck to bottleneck and there is no supply strategy.”

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You can find a fact check about what the ALBVVG improves and what doesn’t here.

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