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The all-age version of the beautiful girl text adventure game “Rain Switch” is available on Google Play

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CyberStep (サイバーステップ) yesterday launched the smartphone adventure game “雨音Switch (雨音スイッチ- AmaneSwitch -)” on Google Play. The general price of the Android version is NT$140. As a memorial to the launch, August 4, 2021 ~ On August 11, 2021, it will be sold at a price of 30 yuan for a limited time.

According to the official, this work is the release of “Rain Sound Switch~ I and her sick and the non-stop rain~ (雨音スイッチ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして) released in 2013 by the beautiful girl game brand “Black Bird” I~)”, Remake becomes an electronic novel game for all nationalities and wider age groups. In addition, the story, character illustrations, and voice acting in the work have been refurbished in this work. The newly included voices are played by VTuber “Kuramochi Kyoko” and “伊織ねめあ” that belong to the Star Tour Academy (星めぐり學園).

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Shinji Mizushima, who is popular in both athletic ability and academic performance, met a girl one day.

Satonaka rain sound

Yuyin, who had just transferred to this school, just stood in the rain without an umbrella, still shouting “Rain Song” in his mouth. Drenched in the rain, she has an incomprehensible beauty and a mysterious atmosphere.

Yuyin slowly fell into the arms of Shinji who ran over because of shock.
Attracted by the girl in his arms, Shinji started to care about her, his life slowly changed…

Character introduction

  • Satonaka Rain Sound CV: Kyoko Kuramochi (Hoshi Tour Academy)

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A girl transferred to Class C of the second year of Shuei Academy.
The quiet personality and the mystery that exudes from time to time make her usually alone.
It’s an incredible girl who doesn’t hold an umbrella in the rain.

  • Izumi Kizaki CV: Nemea Iori (Hoshi Tour Academy)

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In the third year of Shuei Academy, he is also the president of the student council.
She is a model student among students. She is serious and can not put on airs. She is a girl whom everyone admires.
Kizaki Shizuku who cherishes his younger sister more than anyone else.

“Yuyin Switch (雨音スイッチ-AmaneSwitch -)” Android version has been officially launched, the official said that this work is also expected to be sold on other platforms such as Steam in the future.


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