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the announcement of Amadeus during the press conference – breaking latest news

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the announcement of Amadeus during the press conference – breaking latest news
Of Renato Franco

For the first time in history, on the occasion of the first episode on Tuesday evening, the head of state will be present at the Ligurian event. Benigni will read the Constitution, Morandi will sing the anthem

It hasn’t started yet and there’s already a double surprise. Mattarella & Benigni they will be at tonight San Remo Festival. The first is historic news, because it has never happened that a President of the Republic sat in the front row at the Ariston. For Benigni, on the other hand, it is a return (he has already been six times, the last one three years ago with the exegesis of the Cantico dei Cantici). For the comedian, this time as an actor, it will be an opportunity to celebrate the 75 years of the Constitution.

To make the atmosphere even more Italian, the Mameli anthem sung – surprisingly, Amadeus revealed it to him live at the press conference – by Gianni Morandi. And then of course there’s her: Clare Ferragni. She immediately puts her hands forward, her mantra is to be spontaneous and just be myself. She repeats it several times, because it’s the first time I’ve been on television and I’m neither an actress nor a presenter, but she will give it her all.

He relaxes more when he touches on topics he knows best: Thehatred, even the social one, always hurts, but it’s right to always talk about it and not listen to the people who try to throw hate at you every day. The idea passes that if you expose yourself it’s okay to be insulted, my wish you will be able to move forward and not pay attention to those who will always find something to say.

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Coletta: It will be the Festival of inclusiveness

Prime Time Entertainment Director Stefano Coletta instead underlines the importance of the Festival in terms of inclusiveness and acceptance of diversity: Watching the parade of the 28 competing artists, I caught the condensation of this Festival and the work of the artistic director. 28 different artists have passed, by personal data, by history, by background, by musical genre. The goal is to represent the real world, a world that admits differences, different feelings, admits the singularity of each artist who projects the world onto the audience at home. This Festival is even more an expression ofnot only musical, but artistic inclusiveness. It will be the Festival of diversity with a narrative that admits any gaze.

Amadeus south Case Rosa Chemical

Words also shared by Amadeus: I respect everyone’s thoughts but I don’t like labels, I don’t like talking about genres but about human beingseveryone free to live their own life, even publicly, as they see fit. I’m always a little afraid of moralizing, while I think education is always needed. The children? One can explain to them that there are different sensitivities, a woman who loves a woman, a man who loves a man, and I see nothing wrong with that; I believe this is society, this is how I educate my children and I have never seen them upset. The problem when you upset parents.

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