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The anti-Omicron measures: Ffp2 masks, event tests for those with 2 doses and in the gym with the vaccine. Discos closed until 31/1

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The return of the masks outdoors and the decision to oblige the use of Ffp2, more protective, when you are in particularly crowded indoor environments. But also an extension of the Super Green pass in the white area (from gyms to bars) and the possibility of expanding the number of workers required to take the vaccine. Here are all the Announcements approved by cabinet to counter the variante Omicron. The rules will take effect immediately after Christmas and some, such as the ban on outdoor parties and the closure from the discos, will have an immediate impact on the New Year’s.

The masks – Back to the obligation outdoor mask throughout the country and the obligation to FFP2 indoors, therefore in cinemas, theaters, museums and also on public transport. The measure will last until the end of the state of emergency, then the March 31, and effectively “wipes out” any difference between the white, yellow and orange zones for those who are vaccinated. From various forces of the majority came the call for a norm for keep prices down even more protective masks, as the former emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri had already done, during the first lockdown, with the surgical ones.

Super Green pass to consume over the counter – Until the January 31 the extension of the obligation of a reinforced green pass – therefore in possession of vaccinated and cured by Covid – is expected to indoor catering, even at the counter. Not only that: stop to popcorn at the cinema and beers at the stadium. “The consumption of food and drink indoors, in cinemas, theaters and for sporting events” is prohibited.

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Gyms and swimming pools – The extension of the reinforced Green pass also concerns a pool, gyms, spas and wellness, but also for bingo halls.

Green pass e booster – Starting from February 1st, the Green pass will be valid 6 months. This is the second cut in duration, after the validity had already dropped from 12 to 9 months. At the same time, the control room decided, after consulting theAifa, the possibility of anticipating the third dose from 5 to 4 months, extending the eligible audience to the whole range over 18. This is a more delicate step of the decree since the “double move” will inflate the people to be subjected to third dose in a few weeks, the same in which the Green Pass will expire.

Discos close – Until the January 31, as explained by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza at the press conference, the discos and the ballrooms will remain closed.

Outdoor parties – Until January 31, it was decided that all outdoor parties and events in which they can take place will be prohibited gatherings. Basically the night of New Year’s the concerts of San Silvestro will not be held in any square, as had already been arranged by numerous mayors.

The swab for the vaccinated – Also approved the rule that provides from December 30th the buffer requirement for major events (sports matches in stages and palazzetti) even for those who are vaccinated with two doses. The rule also applies to rsa e hospice to be able to visit loved ones. Those who have already received the third dose are excluded. Again, this is a critical point since the rules would come into force in a few days, but many people who have made the two doses and already booked the third, due to the slots available in the hub, will receive the administration only in the next few weeks.

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Swabs in ports and airports – The text of the decree also provides that they are carried out, even on a sample basis, at the airports airport, seafarers and terrestrial, antigenic or molecular tests of travelers entering Italy. In the event of a positive outcome, the traveler “applies the measure offiduciary isolation for a period of ten days, where necessary at i Covid Hotel”.

Mandatory vaccine for state officials – Compared to what emerged during the control room, in the end the vaccination obligation also remained outside the decree state employees, regardless of whether they work in contact with the public or not. It hesitates waiting to decide whether or not to extend the obligation to all public and private workers.

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