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The antiviral against Covid will soon be available in pharmacies on a doctor’s prescription

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The antiviral against Covid will soon be available in pharmacies on a doctor’s prescription

Get sick, contact your doctor, get a prescription e collect medicines at the pharmacy to treat yourself at home: a common practice, which is about to become one custom also in the fight against Coronavirus, for all those assisted who contract Covid in a slight formbut what are likely to worsen due to pre-existing health conditions.

In fact, a national memorandum of understandingvalid until 31 December, between the Ministry of Health, Aifa, Federfarma, Assofarm, FarmacieUnite, Federfarma Servizi and Adf for distribution and dispensing of the oral antiviral drug Paxlovid (on Pfizer) directly to the pharmacy. Up to now it has been possible to use it only if prescribed by hospital specialists and it was distributed only in Covid centers identified by the Regions (hospital pharmacies). Go aheadso, also in Emilia-Romagna to this new possibilitywhich is added to the previous one.

“The health emergency caused by SARS-CoV-2 – says the councilor for health policies, Raffaele Donini – taught us how essential it is for the health service to provide prompt answers and solutions close to the patients. This protocol therefore aims to facilitate treatment and prevention even more, thanks to the contribution of pharmacists and general practitioners, whom I thank for the precious collaboration and social attention they have always shown during these years of pandemic. Through the pharmacy network, the antiviral drug will be available and readily available, where necessary, to treat people at risk of negative evolution of the disease at home. The treating doctor, who knows the history and conditions of his patients well, will identify the cases in which home therapy is advisable “.

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“The pandemic has made clear the importance and role of pharmacies as a qualified interface of the national health system. Close and immediately accessible, they have been a point of reference and I am sure that proximity will play an important role, in this case as well, in favor of the citizen – comments the president of Federfarma Emilia-Romagna, Achille Gallina Toschi -. To be effective, these pills must be given to people with major risk factors within five days of the onset of symptoms. Engaging family doctors for prescriptions and the pharmacy network for distribution will certainly speed up hiring times. Pharmacists will carry out this service free of charge, for a ‘Km0’ healthcare that has proved fundamental in the pandemic but which will be even more so in the future: less transport costs to hospitals, less pollution but above all a more patient followed. . We are ready to work to respond to the new health needs of the population – closes Gallina Toschi – in collaboration with all the other health professionals “.

What’s this the antiviral Paxlovid – It’s about a pill which – as explained by the Italian Medicines Agency – is indicated for the 5-day treatment of adult patients, with recent Sars-CoV-2 infection with mild-moderate disease, who do not need oxygen therapy and with clinical conditions concomitants that represent specific risk factors for the development of severe Covid. The drug inhibits the replication of the virus and therefore should be administered – if the doctor deems it necessary – at the first symptoms, as soon as you have confirmation of your positivity.

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The active role of general practitioners – Some active ingredients of Paxlovid may have interactions with other medicines, including those used for various chronic diseases: for this reason its use must be evaluated case by case by the general practitioners assuming a active role and as always fundamental in this process. As foreseen by a determination of the Italian Medicines Agency of 20 April, they will in fact be asked to fill in the Aifa therapeutic plan containing the information necessary to select eligible patients and to guarantee safe use of the drug.

The role of pharmacies and distribution companies

Pharmacies and intermediate distribution companies will not only guarantee the conditions of storage, distribution and dispensing of the drug, but are committed exceptionally to play for free the activities envisaged by the protocol. Pharmacists will therefore dispense the drug throughout the national territory, in the face of suitable prescriptions that will not be able to bring back drugs other than Paxlovid.

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