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The appetizer before the big update! List of new features of Win10 | XFastest News

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We know that Microsoft will send the official version of Win11 and the major version of Win10 21H2 updates in the next. Before the major version of Win10 arrives, Microsoft has now pushed a patch for Win10 to fix system problems and prepare for the next major update of 21H2. .

The patch name is KB4023057. In fact, this patch number was first launched in 2018 and has been launched several times since then.

KB4023057 is a small patch designed to solve potential problems with the Windows registry and operating system and make the Windows update process more reliable.

According to supporting documents, the KB4023057 patch was last modified on August 18, but it was only pushed to more users this week.

In theory, users can safely update this patch without causing any problems. According to Microsoft, the KB4023057 patch can also free up space on your PC.

KB4023057 is bundled with the Microsoft Update Health Tool. This can be used to repair the registry or disable registry settings that incorrectly prevent your important Windows updates.

The following are some of the features of the KB4023057 update.

1. KB4023057 may try to compress files to make room for upcoming feature updates and important updates. If a file or folder has been updated and compressed, they will appear in the user profile directory with two blue arrows.

2. If the space of the device is insufficient, the KB4023057 update will display a warning.

3. The KB4023057 update will help users clean up disk space. When the device space is insufficient, you can use it to install updates.

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4. If a problem is detected, or an incorrect configuration prevents the system from updating, KB4023057 will try to reset the network configuration.

5. KB4023057 will clean up registry keys that prevent system updates.

6. KB4023057 will repair disabled or damaged Windows components to prevent the system from failing to update.

7. KB4023057 may reset the Windows Update database.

It is understood that KB4023057 will only appear when the PC needs it. Win10 21H2 will be pushed to everyone who has upgraded to Win10 21H1. You can wait for the update push of Win10.


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