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The Arimondi-Eula of Savigliano and Racconigi prepares for the entrance tests to Medicine – Targatocn.it

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Specific preparation to successfully face the entrance tests to the Faculties of Medicine and health professions: this is what the Arimondi-Eula Institute of Higher Education in Savigliano and Racconigi has been offering for two years and which is already underway also in the current school year.

The course started a few days ago, on the basis of the positive experience of last summer, when it took place in the period immediately following the final examination: in time to take the admission tests, and is open to all students of the institution who are interested in these university paths.

“We have detected among our students – says Professor Francesca Pontillo (in the photo), coordinator and teacher of the course – a great interest, as well as for the Faculty of Medicine, also for other university courses, such as physiotherapy, obstetrics, professional nursing as well as chemistry and pharmaceutical technology. Hence the idea, which has materialized in a precise and articulated project, of giving concrete help to students with a course aimed at facing the selection tests“.

The results have been very positive so far, because numerous students from Arimondi-Eula have been admitted to Medicine and other faculties: even those with very limited numbers, such as Physiotherapy at the Fossano site.

The course, which lasted 40 hours in the past years, focuses on chemistry and biology, subjects of the tests: «The number of hours will be increased in the current school year – adds prof. Pontillo, to offer students even greater opportunities in managing admission questionnaires ».

Although the number of participating students coming from the scientific high school is greater, the proposal is addressed to all the students of the institute, regardless of the course attended: “The students of the scientific sector – concludes Francesca Pontillo – certainly have more solid foundations in the subjects which are addressed, both during the course and in the entrance tests, but this does not mean that the students of the other courses, with a little good will, can also reach an excellent level of preparation ».

Thanks to Prof. Francesca Pontillo coordinator of the project and to the science department of the IIS Arimondi Eula of Savigliano and Racconigi who are always very attentive to updates, including laboratory ones.

For information on the courses and the university test project, visit the website www.arimondieula.edu.it.

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