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The bar of the Bonci Theater reopens, refreshment for spectators and a “gym” to introduce the most vulnerable to the world of work

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The bar of the Bonci Theater reopens, refreshment for spectators and a “gym” to introduce the most vulnerable to the world of work

At the Bonci Theater in Cesena, on Saturday 1 October, on the occasion of the start of the theater season, the spectators will find the doors of the bar open on the Foyer: in fact, the cafeteria and drink refreshment, in great demand by the public, is restored with a new management and the name of Caffè del Teatro. To make it possible to reopen and enhance the activity of the venue, characterized by a service rather than a commercial character, Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale shared with ASP (Public Company of Personal Services) of the Cesena Valle Savio district and Techne, the public training agency of the Province of Forlì-Cesena, a project that will make it a place for training and social integration.

The press conference was attended by: the ERT President Giuliano Barbolini, the ERT Director Valter Malosti, the Coordinator of the Bonci Theater Cosetta Nicolini, the Councilor for Cultural Services and Inclusion of the Municipality of Cesena Carlo Verona, the President of ASP of the Cesena Valle Savio district Elena Baredi, the President of Techne Sergio Lorenzi.


“The team play with two public partners such as ASP and Techne, devoted to the growth of the community through the inclusion and support of its most fragile parts, has made possible a new and very interesting hypothesis for the management of the service, in a perspective of economic reliability but with an undoubted and meritorious social value. As a Foundation, we are particularly pleased with the launch of this ambitious project, which reaffirms the connotation of the Bonci Theater as a place open to all citizens and of care for social relations and it goes in the direction of investing in the local reality by developing ever more synergies with the institutions and individuals operating in the area. The initiative is part of a varied spectrum of actions promoted by the National Theater of Emilia Romagna on the city of Cesena and for Bonci ” underline ERT President Giuliano Barbolini and ERT Director Valter Malosti.

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A team of tutors and professionals will guide some students in the refreshment to the public, involving them in a direct experience on the field. The possibility of accessing the course concerns 6 people identified by ASP in the context of managed services for the integration of frail people, initiated into training after a specific selection among those who have been evaluated, can draw more benefits from this path to acquire greater autonomy .

The President of ASP of the Cesena Valle Savio district Elena Baredi declares: “With this initiative, which links the theater even more to her city, cultural services truly become a social, human and economic engine for the quality of life of a community. theater is the place par excellence of meeting, of exchanging thoughts. In the theater you see and listen to the representation of ancient and eternal fairy tales, dramas and comedies. concern the destinies of every man and woman in every age, this year, with this project that sees three public institutions collaborate, we are trying to write a new and possible plot of opportunities, work and inclusion for some people who live in the our city from other lands “.

“Techne through the management of the Caffè del Teatro launches the first experience of an educational enterprise in the province of Forlì Cesena” clarifies the President of Techne Sergio Lorenzi. “The student, in fact, frail or disabled, acquires skills, practicing the profession, benefiting from pedagogical support and socio-working accompaniment. The aim is for the student to learn through experience in a real working context, not simulated, by relating to clients. In this way, a concrete and valuable answer is given to unemployed people, which may, at the end of the training period, be included in the tourism and catering sector “.

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“The operational and planning intervention in the field of professional training aimed at promoting social, health, cultural, environmental and economic development in the area is the mission of Techne, a limited liability consortium company with entirely public capital owned by the municipalities Cesena (50%) and Forlì (50%). A special thanks to Estados Cafè, a company from Forlì that has been involved in the social field for some time, which collaborated in setting up the restaurant “.

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