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Montegabbione in the Upper Orvieto area it has become a gourmet stop for lovers ofblack garlic. Mayor Fabio Roncella, engineer, is passionate about it and is a popularizer and producer of this niche product, he reports The messenger. To the client i dark bulbs they are sold in a pharmacy jar hermetically sealed which, when the cap is removed, explode on the nose in intoxicating hints of balsamic vinegar, truffle, tamarind, licorice. “But it is neither an exotic nor a rare variety: it is nothing more than Umbrian garlic, grown organically and subjected to a natural fermentation and oxidation process that determine its color and texture”, smiles Roncella.

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the origins of black garlic are to be sought in Korea but then it spread all over the world. The first to discover its gastronomic properties were the Americans, who were also very attentive to aspects related to health. Excellent as an antioxidant, with properties diuretic and anti-hypertensive, black garlic is also good, as well as enhancing the flavor of a dish with its bewitching scent. “They call it kiss-proof garlic,” adds the chef Fulvio Pierangelini.

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“Indeed the drying and fermentation process almost completely reduces alliin, the substance that gives common garlic its known potency. Moral, here we work on extreme perfumes, as if we were dealing with a truffle or with a traditional balsamic vinegar “.

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