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The best methods & tips!

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The best methods & tips!

Habitable outdoor spaces need to be cleaned of dirt after the winter season, but what if you need to clean a patio cover? Namely, it is important to consider the structure and materials, as well as some other factors such as weather conditions. This prevents damage and can make your work easier without having your patio roof cleaned by a cleaning company. If moss, leaves, mold or other dirt has built up on it, the following cleaning methods and tips can help you.

What do you have to consider before you clean your patio cover?

Not only weather conditions, but also frequent use of such structures can affect their cleanliness over time. In addition, cleaning this part of your patio without a pressure washer can be more beneficial as some surfaces are more delicate than others. These can be made from a variety of materials for weather protection and will require occasional maintenance and care so that they can last longer. Of these, corrugated boards and treadmills are particularly susceptible to dirt and mold growth, but fortunately there are effective cleaning techniques to help.

after the winter, clear the patio area of ​​snow and clean the patio roof

In addition, dashboards can be freed from greasy fingerprints and posts from dust or grease splashes with little effort. You can easily clean such surfaces with soft brushes and water from your garden hose, for example. However, if it’s stubborn dirt and stains, it might require a little more cleaning power. Also, choose a sunny day when cleaning your patio cover so everything can dry faster. Otherwise, depending on the materials, you can opt for some of the methods described below.

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First remove coarse dirt from the cover

cleaning a vinyl patio cover and keeping it cleaner for longer

First try to remove any debris such as leaves and larger objects that have accumulated on the canopy. Depending on the location, these can also be pine needles. Use a ladder and a broom to use the Telescope with Extension when cleaning the patio canopy. This means that the entire area can be reached, although the garden hose would also be a suitable cleaning tool for this. If you grill under the patio roof, soot or grease from the resulting smoke can collect on the ceiling. In this case, a degreasing detergent may be required.

use of high-pressure cleaners only suitable for certain materials and surfaces

If your structure also has gutters and pipes, you can also remove coarse dirt from these with sideways movements. Make sure the surface is pressure washer safe before using one to prevent any damage. With some of these you can also add detergents to keep the patio cover clean for a longer period of time. However, with vinyl covers, using water hose would be a better alternative. If the roof structure is made of plastic, you can use a vacuum with a hose attachment to suck up dirt and debris.

How to clean moss or mold on a patio cover?

Clean moss or mold infested wooden panels on the patio roof

If moss forms, it is important to use a scrubbing brush and a cleaning agent that is as alkaline as possible in order to be able to remove stubborn moss. Try to get rid of any residue to prevent future multiplication. Also allow the alkaline cleaning agent to act longer so that a slightly alkaline climate develops on the roofing in which mosses cannot thrive. The routine use of such products ensures that such microorganisms stay away.

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wipe sensitive surfaces with gentle cleaning agents and soft cloths

It is also common for mold to develop under a closed eaves, necessitating proper cleaning. Mold can easily be removed by using bleach, although you should also wear rubber gloves. You can simply dilute this product with water in a 1:3 ratio and treat the affected areas with it. To do this, use a scrubbing brush or sponge to wipe away mold and let the stuff sit for a bit. You can also scrub hard-to-reach areas with an old toothbrush. If necessary, you can repeat the cleaning process, then rinse the surface with a hose and let it air dry.

What can be used to clean acrylic sheets, glass or aluminum on canopies?

Clean terrace canopies equipped with acrylic or polycarbonate panels as sun protection

If your patio cover is equipped with glass panes, you can proceed as with windows. Simply use a glass cleaner and newspaper to remove any stains. Distilled white vinegar or citric acid can also be used as cheap and effective home remedies for dirty glass. However, avoid using solvents, abrasives or shaving cream when there is paint or other adhered residue on the glass plates. Pressure washers are also not suitable for glass surfaces and could damage glass panes.

sunny outdoor area with large and covered terrace in spring

However, when it comes to polycarbonate panels or acrylic panels that act as sunshades, you should not use glass cleaner. Instead, try cleaning them with a mild detergent or other non-aggressive detergent and water. You can then simply rinse thoroughly with the water hose to prevent soap residue and dirt build-up. You can also scrub a little harder on roofs made of less sensitive material. Roofs made of the smoothest possible material are usually always the best solution. For aluminum, you can spray the panels with the water hose first and then continue scrubbing the aluminum parts with a soft cloth or sponge. Use a solution of lukewarm water and a non-degreasing washing-up liquid.

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