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The beta test of “Diablo Immortal” is here! The first open test game paid project | Game | New head shell Newtalk

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“Diablo Immortal” starts a new phase of beta testing today.Figure: Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment announced today (29) that its classic action role-playing IP “Diablo” mobile game version “Diablo Immortal” has ended its Alpha test and will start a new phase of beta testing from today. It is worth mentioning that the current Beta packaging and testing will only be open on the Android platform, and for the first time players will be able to test the optional payment items provided in the game.

Compared to the Alpha test, the beta test of “Diablo Immortal” adds the super-popular character Necromancer, becoming a playable profession besides barbarians, priests, demon hunters, monks and occultists.

There are also multiple updates for PvP and PvE, including the new mode “Immortal Challenge”-if members of the Shadow League can defeat the Immortal camp in the exile ceremony, they can fight a 30-to-1 immortal battle, which is also the final majestic duel for power. .

In addition, the 8v8 battlefield PvP system will also add a ladder system, players can compete against each other to compete for rankings to see who has the better technology. Battlefield PvP will add various class balance changes and other major updates.

The official also added “set items” in this test, including hands, feet, neck and two rings. Players can obtain special bonus effects by collecting and wearing three or six sets of the same series. Further changes to more gameplay and genres.

In addition, players can form a team of up to eight players to challenge the dungeon leader of the “Hell Bones”. The battle scene is extremely chaotic but requires teamwork. Players who win the game can get generous rewards.

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Regarding the optional payment items in the game, this beta test will open players to purchase enhanced battle passes, eternal orbs and promotional packages. It is worth mentioning that this test is a file deletion test. The player’s game progress will be deleted after the test. The consumption during the Beta test period will be converted into the equivalent in-game currency after the game is officially released.


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