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The bicycle points to the future on the wings of pedal assistance

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The bicycle points to the future on the wings of pedal assistance

Electric bikes are the future. First of all, they made it possible to overcome the structural and ideological disadvantages of traditional bikes. The effort first, especially if traveling on two wheels involves the need to go uphill. And then the thefts, the bugbear of the urban cyclist. Legitimate impediments solved by the electric bicycle, pedelec or ebike, if you prefer. They allow you to travel many kilometers easily and uphill the engine assists effectively, thanks to various speed options. Obviously they can be loaded with sturdy luggage racks and therefore are suitable for carrying loads that with a normal bike would be forbidden, in the case of cargo bikes.

Of course, the fact that they are usually expensive make them palatable for thieves, but in this case, thanks to technological innovation, they are often the most difficult models to steal.

From the engine to the battery

There are numerous giants of motorcycling and automotive, who have decided to try it with e-bikes: Mercedes, Bmw, Peugeot, Ducati, Triumph and even the brand that perhaps most of all is synonymous with noise and petrol, the iconic Harley-Davidson. The historic Milwaukee brand designs and builds Serial 1-branded ebikes in a dedicated facility located on its campus using the same principles and processes that guide the development of electric motorcycles. For some years now the brand has made its debut a series of ebikes characterized by a very particular design and refined technical solutions. The latest is the collaboration with Google, which has led to a new application dedicated to the new Serial 1 / CTY. The app allows you to fully customize the user experience, thanks to a series of safety functions, a navigation system based on Google Maps and real-time data of your movements.

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The peculiarity of the new generation Serial 1 / CTY platform is to overcome Bluetooth connectivity by incorporating an Internet of Things device that allows connection not only via Bluetooth technology, but also using the mobile network and thus able to manage the electric bike also remotely.

Historical brands

MV Agusta from Varese – synonymous with two-wheeled sportiness – recently announced its entry into electric mobility, creating an internal e-mobility division with thirty employees. An ambitious project, which intends to follow the quality parameters of the brand, the first fruits of which are the “AMO” range which has seven configurations and which in the future will expand to other gravel and mountain proposals.

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