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The blacked-out doctor who cornered the vaccination campaign: “We don’t know too many things”

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I want to dedicate this pill to one of Doctor’s numerous interventions Pasquale Aiese, epidemiologist doctor, already responsible for Covid in Naples for almost a year, because he is doing a commendable job, supported by scientific data and unfortunately – needless to say – completely obscured by traditional media.
The doctor pointed out some important things that may have escaped most. The first is that the majority of Covid deaths have occurred in precisely those regions with health centers of excellence: it seems a paradox, but Aiese gives a valid explanation. In the black-meshed regions or in Campania, defined as the “gray-meshed region”, there were fewer deaths because local medicine works better in these areas, with the general practitioner personally treating patients at home knowing their medical history. Home therapy therefore remains the key to fighting the virus.

As regards the vaccine issue, Aiese points out that we are in the midst of an experimental phase, because the authorization for the emergency use of these vaccines is not an authorization for the vaccine, but for the temporary use of an unauthorized vaccine.
The much vaunted 95% efficacy of vaccines is, according to the epidemiologist, a scam. In fact, from the study conducted by the pharmaceutical company, 95% is not synonymous with efficacy, but the so-called “confidence interval”Which will be applied when the results are obtained, ie in 24 months.

According to Aiese, therefore, the real truth of these vaccines is not known at the moment antibody response. Indeed, they could not properly be called “vaccines“, because they do not create herd immunity. Instead, they are individual therapies or, as many would say, gene therapies. In this regard, says Aiese, if we call vaccines those we are using in an anti-Covid function, we should also call the drugs we give to allergic people vaccines to prevent that single person from suffering the effects of his allergy.
Above all, the epidemiologist still explains, we still don’t know what kind of antibodies are produced. The scientific studies carried out and presented to the EMA are studies that do not provide for the search for antibodies, but will simply be able to demonstrate that a vaccinated young man who takes Covid does not get worse easily (but it always has been).
Finally, concludes Aiese, “we have simply turned an epidemic into a pandemic“.

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