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The blood group with the highest risk of early stroke: the analysis – INRAN

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The blood group with the highest risk of early stroke: the analysis – INRAN

A very in-depth analysis was conducted that correlates the early risk of stroke according to the blood group to which they belong.

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The Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) tackled the largest blood group analysis in years, highlighting the incidence of the blood type with the risk of having an early stroke, so before the age of 60. Stroke is the second most common cause of death in the world, immediately after heart attack. This pathology affects more than 15 million every year.

But stroke doesn’t just lead to death, in most cases it creates perennial disability and dementia. The Spanish researchers have therefore examined and related this condition, through a very long series of analyzes of blood. The result was then published in the medical journal of neurology Nuerologywhere all data from genetic studies were provided on ischemic stroke in middle-aged people.

Research findings: blood type and stroke, what’s the link?

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If previously there was a doubt that non-0 blood groups were linked to early stroke risk, now the SEN analysis provides further clarification, indicating that the most at risk is the blood group A. Analysis suggests that genetic variants linked to this blood group pose a greater risk of blood clots.

The SEN has linked nearly 50 studies on genetics and dozens of other studies concerning ischemic stroke, carried out in America, Europe and Asia. Analyzes of more than 16 thousand people who have suffered strokes and more than 500,000 healthy people. It was found that of the people prone to stroke, nearly 6,000 had had it at an early age, before the age of 60.

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L’ictus from an early onset it occurs before the age of 60, then at a young and middle age, while speaking late stroke when it occurs in old age, after 60 years. The researchers looked at all chromosomes to identify genetic variants associated with stroke. They then divided groups A, AB, B and 0, comparing blood tests of the subjects analyzed with cases of stroke.

Those most at risk for early stroke are those with blood group A, while those with group 0 are less likely. Blood group B, on the other hand, is more associated with the risk of late stroke. People with blood type A, therefore, have a 16% higher risk of early stroke, those with blood type 0 a 12% lower risk than the other groups.

About half of the people who suffered an early stroke, belongs to group A, a very high percentage. However, as the researchers admit, this field is still very extensive, and studies for the understanding of stroke development don’t stop there. More research is needed to be able to find preventive treatments to fight the disease, as well as new treatments to combat disability.

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