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The brain may malfunction and blackouts in those who neglect this

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The brain is a device that is as fascinating as it is frightening. Although science has made and advances from year to year, there are many things that we still don’t know about how it works. Sometimes, however, we know a little more about what could cause it to malfunction.

Many people do not rest properly, not knowing that the brain may not function at its best and have blackouts in those who neglect this thing. To say this is a research carried out by some researchers of the University of Pisa and published in the “Journal of Neuroscience”. Neglecting the importance of proper rest, some neurons would still act as if they were asleep.

The brain may malfunction and blackouts in those who neglect this

Constantly squeezing our brains out would not help our brains function at their best. Indeed, not allowing ourselves the right rest (during work for example) would cause brain malfunctions. This is stated by a research carried out by some scholars of the University of Pisa.

The team, made up of psychiatrists, biologists and psychologists, demonstrated the negativity of prolonged use of cognitive faculties without adequate rest. To do this, he carried out an analysis on a sample of sixteen volunteers.

The volunteers carried out two tests, whereby they went to strain their cognitive functions for a long period of time and without being able to take breaks. The first test focused on so-called executive functions, the second test on hand-eye coordination. Both tests lasted 24 hours, during which time the sample members could not even fall asleep. According to the results obtained, the prolonged use of cognitive faculties would lead to neuronal fatigue of the brain regions involved.

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Why does he fall asleep and how to prevent it

The test, following the electroencephalographic monitoring, established that the prolonged activation of the brain regions leads to the appearance of trivial behavioral errors. This was due to the fact that although the sample members were active, some areas of their brains were asleep. It was as if they were going through REM sleep.

Therefore, not taking the right time to rest would not have any benefit on our work (for example). Our neurons would decide to rest anyway and we would face evident deficits in cognitive performance. In other words: neglecting the necessary rest does not bring us benefits, because our brain gets tired causing us to make mistakes that otherwise it would not.


The brain does not slow down and does not skip a beat in those who often perform these exercises

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