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the Brain Spine Interface project presented in Verduno (VIDEO) – Targatocn.it

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the Brain Spine Interface project presented in Verduno (VIDEO) – Targatocn.it

A groundbreaking research project aimed at restoring voluntary control of upper limbs in patients with spinal cord injuries was presented today at the Michele and Pietro Ferrero hospital in Verduno. The five-year project, known as the Brain Spine Interface (BSI) project, involves linking cortical activity to the regulation of electrical stimulation of the cervical spinal cord.

The project builds on the success achieved by two neuroscientists from the University of Lausanne, professors Jocelyne Bloch and Grégoire Courtine, whose revolutionary technique was recently published in the prestigious journal Nature. Their technique involves applying electrical stimulation at the lumbosacral region of the spinal cord, combined with rehabilitation programs, to help individuals with spinal injuries regain voluntary control of their legs.

During the presentation at Verduno Hospital, thirty-year-old Michel Roccati, who was paralyzed in a motorbike accident, demonstrated how he was able to walk again thanks to the electrodes implanted in his spinal cord. The BSI project aims to extend this success to the restoration of upper limb movements after paralysis, providing patients with improved arm and hand movements and long-lasting neurological recovery during rehabilitation.

The development of the BSI project is made possible by the contributions of the CRT Foundation and the Alba-Bra Onlus Hospital Foundation. Fabrizio Palenzona, President of the CRT Foundation, expressed pride in the progress made by the project and emphasized the concrete benefits it brings to the community. Bruno Ceretto, President of the Alba-Bra Hospital Foundation, highlighted the project’s potential impact on understanding mind-limb coordination and its role in unlocking future advancements in healthcare.

President Alberto Cirio of the Piedmont Region also praised the collaboration between Piedmontese entities, foundations, and the academic world in supporting such important research for patients with spinal cord injuries. The project represents a shining example of healthcare excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the scientific and therapeutic fields.

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The Brain Spine Interface project is a testament to the power of research and collaboration in advancing medical breakthroughs and offering hope to those with debilitating spinal cord injuries.

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