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The broadband of detainees and migrants

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The broadband of detainees and migrants

Until a few years ago, broadband was our promised land and the digital dividethe digital divide between those who are connected and those who are not, appeared to us as the country’s first problem.

Today the main problems seem much more complex also because bring high-speed Internet throughout Italy it has suddenly become an achievable goal. It depends partly on the funds of the PNRR and partly on the fact that the relations between TIM and Open Fiber, after a destructive rivalry, have entered a phase of collaboration. In short, already now in the big cities it is common to see people watching a game live on their mobile phones; by 2025 we will also be able to do so in seaside resorts or in the many tiny municipalities that make up Italy.

The only obstacle on the road to digital Italy seems to be the lack of manpower. A few days ago the CEO of Open Fiber announced over 1000 hires of workers for construction sites, but he added that there aren’t any. Although unemployment in Italy is always at record levels compared to Europe and the United States, Open Fiber struggles to find 1000 workers to hire. And for this he is evaluating two counter-moves: the prima, include the qualification of telecommunications worker in the immigration flow decree; there secondaddress inmates.

This thing has intrigued all those who do not know that for many years now a Cisco project is underway in several prisons to train inmates in information technology. In fact, they are courses that allow you to find a job at the end of your sentence. And it is one of the most beautiful literacy projects in our country: it starts from the concept that the purpose of detention does not end in the sentence, but must provide for the growth and reintegration of those who made mistakes. In the absence of similar initiatives, the prison experience becomes only the first of a long series. Because of this the idea of ​​Open Fiber must be supported.

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