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“The cancellation of the Italian people is in progress”

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The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella at the inauguration of the academic year of the University of Pavia spoke, as had already happened in July during the traditional ceremony of the Fan organized by the parliamentary press association at the Quirinale and on many other occasions, of the pandemic and virus.

” Freedom should not be invoked in order not to be vaccinated, the health of others is put at risk. – He thundered- “Violence must be sanctioned”. Strong words that have raised various considerations among those who support, those who harbor doubts and those who disapprove of the experimental sera that have caused numerous serious adverse reactions, in some cases up to death. Yet the doctors, TV stars, avoid talking about this aspect.

Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella, internationally renowned research doctor, President of the homonymous non-profit organization for the study and neoplastic and degenerative pathologies, so far away in honesty and preparation from many of his colleagues, less upright and less competent, what do you think of this behavior?

And how can Di Bella comment on the announced, but impractical vaccination obligation that according to Ema still requires a long process until 2023, a specter that journalists, politicians, often unvaccinated, and doctors shake to bring arms to the vaccination campaign?

The statements of Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella

” I do not allow myself to comment on the statements of the President of the Republic. explains the Professor – I limit myself to some personal considerations on the subject of the imminent vaccination obligation, the previously announced third and forthcoming fourth vaccination and the so-called Green Pass.

The current government scornfully addresses its subjects, not in Italian, as if we were unable to express ourselves in our language or have not had one for over a thousand years, but in English. Lockdown, Green Pass, Recovery Fund etc.

Do you want your publicity here?

These gentlemen impose with intimidation, with dogmatic, coercive violence, practicing psychological and media terrorism, implementing blackmail, threats, conditioning of various kinds, a series of authoritarian measures.

Vaccines and the serious lack of pharmacological certification

Measures presented as essential to safeguard personal and collective health to preserve us from contracting Covid and interrupt the chain of contagion, imposing sera with short or long-term adverse events, without toxicity data that could contraindicate their generalized use and / or justify fears or reservations about their use.

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It seems forbidden to report the severe insufficiency of pharmacological certification, the evident lack of scientific documentation according to the criteria that research requires to validate a therapy.

No vaccine has had such a rapid, hasty, accelerated commercialization, without preclinical studies or environmental impact, foreseen and considered necessary for GMO molecules, such as these vaccines.

Disagreements are not allowed, even if scientifically documented

Disagreements are not allowed, even if rationally and scientifically documented, based on medical literature and clinical experience.

Nor are the reservations confirmed by scientific evidence, official international biomedical databases, evidence-based medicine EBM (Evidence-based medicine – Sackett- BMJ) accepted by the Helsinki International Conference on Medical Ethics – World Medical Association, from the Hippocratic Oath.

The luminaries of the Scientific Technical Committee are above all suspicion. Certainly free from any financial, ideological or political conflict of interest, as some sinister conspiracy theorist and dangerous Novax insinuated with perfidy. Their clinical scientific level, moral stature, intellectual honesty are such as to exclude interference on their enlightened decisions that make other opinions and advice unnecessary, useless, of characters like the two Nobel Laureates Tasuku Honjo and Luc Montagnier, by virologist Raoul Didier, in first place as a scientific level for publications in biomedical databases, by Prof Giulio Tarro the Italian virologist student of Albert Sabin which has had more awards abroad and the Dr. Bolgan currently pharmacologist and chemist, considered for publications among the foremost experts on vaccines. The serious and / or fatal adverse events from the mainstream are systematically hidden, censored, obscured, they are regularly, without exception, derecognised from the causal relationship with the vaccine ”.

They speak of science, but they hail it as a dogma

Has it become a Totem in your opinion?

” I was naively convinced, like many others, that Dogma was limited to the Catholic Faith, to His Holiness when he proclaims it ex cathedra.

Now we have the vaccine dogma, indisputable, messianic, new panacea, infallible philosopher’s stone, perfect because proclaimed ex cathedra by our politicians that the whole world envies us for competence, honesty, culture and above all disinterested and heroic service to their homeland ”.

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What will be the next step?

Since the Vaccinal Dogma has also been cleared at the theological level, we can ask if there are also plenary indulgences for the notorious novax converts. Of course, provided that, kneeling to our politicians and the related technical-scientific committee, they make a contrite amends and convinced self-criticism and bitterly and sincerely repent of so much distrust and disgrace towards these benevolent institutions that take such loving care and disinterested interest in health and well-being. of their subjects.

These ingrates do not even imagine, that out of love for their submissives, our beloved rulers are preparing, as foretold in Israel, to benefit and gratify them not only with a third vaccination, but also with a fourth.

Objective: the cultural and cognitive degeneration of the Italian people

Rejecting this affectionate and undeserved vaccination gift is configured as a crime of treason towards our masters. An act of violent insubordination by rebellious subjects, who are now not even allowed to express their dissent by voting ”.

Honest citizens, workers, paying taxes and in perfect health, if not vaccinated, are forced from healthy to a compulsory health treatment, every two days: the tampon. A paid torture.
Why if we are all potentially infectious?

” The first objective pursued with extreme commitment and perseverance by the enemies of the nation, after having destroyed it by war and pursued, with the active contribution of traitors and renegades, was above all to meet the maximum degradation, moral, cultural and cognitive degeneration of the Italian people. ”

Salivary tests, another illogical vexation

The salivaries invoked by Salvini were introduced, but molecular and not rapid. It takes 24 hours to perform them and it is not the date of the report, but the date of the execution. They therefore last only one day for the modest cost of 60 euros. What do you think?

” It is one of the many illogical measures, further harassment ‘

No one talks about vaccination hubs, where even those who are entitled to and present valid certificates, as per the circular of the Ministry of Health of the General Practitioner or the Pediatrician, validated by the general practitioner, are exempted from vaccination, no one speaks. Why do we respond to the diktat of inoculating at any cost, even if the patient is at risk?

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” For the state of degeneration, resignation, corruption to which they have degraded a significant part of the Italian people ensnared, hypnotized, frightened, terrified by a continuous and aggravated, distressing, obsessive and continuous falsification carried out with the monopoly of enslaved information ”.

What would you say to doctors who receive bonuses with each new injection?

“They are perfectly aligned with full coherence and interested subjection to the values ​​of the power circles that control the nation.”

When business and health meet on the road to money, the protection of the citizen is trampled on. How can we be confident?

” By practicing and living, implementing the authentic and real values, vital to the teaching of Jesus Christ ”.

We are witnessing the annihilation of the Italian people

What are we seeing?

” To the most dangerous and potentially deadly program of definitive cancellation and total annihilation of the Italian people. Made with the active collaboration of the traitors of the homeland and the renegades of all time, the left ”.

What does the future have to offer?

” George Orwell’s prophetic aphorism is being fully realized: “In the time of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Like Jesus Christ, for having announced that the only Way that leads to Life is the Truth, he was subjected to the Sanhedrin and crucified, so whoever disputes the vaccine dogma is a heretic. And as such he must be subjected to the judgment of the new Inquisition, prosecuted as a terrorist, socially excluded, condemned to be burned at the stake.

Today the warning of St. Bernard of Clairvaux to oppose without violence but with full, convinced and conscious decision and with every legitimate means to the exponential progression of evil, of deceit, of perfidy is more timely than ever and requires immediate realization. Hence the ongoing program of the New World Order. Impunity causes recklessness and this opens the way to any excess.
Courage: The gates of hell shall not prevail’’.

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