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The Chinese government recommends traditional medicine against Covid

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The Chinese government recommends traditional medicine against Covid

breaking latest news – The Chinese State Council, the supreme administrative body of the state, has recommended to local authorities the use of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of covid because “it has played an important role since the beginning of the pandemic”. The government has stressed that traditional medicine preparations have an “abundance of raw materials” and a great “variety and applicability”, noting that their processes are “simple” and calls on local authorities to combine Chinese and “Western” medicine and to use medicines “according to local conditions and available supply”.

The official statement advises that traditional treatments should be classified into different categories and applications, such as “reducing fever” or “relieving cough”, and that prescriptions should be “concise, effective and appropriate”. Chinese health authorities have argued that Chinese medicine has proven effective in reducing the number of serious cases and deaths caused by Covid-19 and have including treatments such as acupuncture in the national prevention and control protocols.

During epidemics such as last spring in Shanghai, millions of boxes of Chinese medicines such as Lianhua Qingwen, commonly used to treat cold symptoms, were distributed. This mass distribution of the drug, a compound of medicinal herbs based on an ancient recipe and developed during the Sars epidemic in 2003, is criticized by some members of the country’s medical community, who question the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine against covid. There are doubts about the reliability of the official figureswhich have reported only a handful of recent deaths from the disease, despite, for example, the eastern province of Zhejiang recently estimating that one million people were infected every day.

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Last week, the World Health Organization said it was “very concerned” about the evolution of the coronavirus in China and asked for “more information”; Beijing responded that it has been sharing its data “openly, promptly and transparently” since the start of the pandemic.

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