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the choice of Fanni Guidolin

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the choice of Fanni Guidolin

CASTELFRANCO VENETO – The nurse who ended up at the center of the controversy over the videos on sexuality uploaded on Instagram leaves the USL della Marca and opens her own clinic. The announcement was made by the same Fanni Guidolin through his social page, fanni_greenlover, followed by over 18,500 people. The name is already there: «It will be called The perineum clinic». The 48-year-old nurse, who graduated as a sexual consultant from Aispa, the Italian association of applied psychology and sexology, is a professional in the ostomy center and is responsible for the Lilt delegation in Castelfranco. She has already presented her resignation to the health company. Not without controversy after the formal warning arrived from the leaders of the USL, archived below, for the videos dedicated to sexuality, recorded with a completely informal style. January 16 will be his last day of work for the Treviso health company. In the meantime Guidolin has already begun to outline his new working horizon.

«I will open my own clinic, where I will be able to express my professionalism to the fullest, bringing skills and experience to women and men with perineal dysfunctions related to surgery, childbirth or menopause, but also to bad habits, he explains, I will make important investments in instrumentation. I will perform sexual counseling and take care of enterostomy and post-ostomy rehabilitation. I will hold group courses and meetings». The range of action in the perineal area will be vast. «Prevention and treatment of urinary and faecal incontinence lists prevention and reduction of prolapse symptoms, postpartum and post-surgical perineal recovery, rehabilitation of defecation disorders, Tai (transanal irrigation), prevention and treatment of menopausal disorders, sexual dysfunctions and pelvic pain, neo bladder rehabilitation. Treatment of vulvo-vaginal atrophy, recurrent and post coital cystitis, recurrent vaginitis, vulvodynia, abdominal and perineal scars». Even the Instagram page that ended up in the spotlight will be enriched with new content. After a brief pause awaiting discussion with the top management of the Local Health Authority, Fanni Guidolin has resumed publishing the videos dedicated to sexuality. In the end, the health company had simply underlined the prohibition of involving her name and her membership in the USL della Marca, as well as reiterating the need to respect the duties of continence. A stance that is in many ways obvious. A few days after what seemed like a clarification, however, the tear came with Guidolin’s resignation. From 16 January you will no longer be an employee of the USL. And then the doors of his new clinic will open.

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