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The “choice” to get vaccinated again

by admin
The “choice” to get vaccinated again

by Calogero Spada

08 NOV

Dear Director,
I read his latest article with the usual interest and I cannot but comment on his analysis by asserting that the Italians will also be a people of heroes, saints, poets, artists, navigators, colonizers and transmigrators …, but certainly they also have memory and consciousness … very short.

Due to a minority (i no vax) what is now identifiable as the “vaccine issue” is emerging more and more and therefore I would also like to suggest additional considerations to the analyzes such as yours, which rightly show unequivocal and detailed data and evidence.

I would start from the very effective paradox (however, currently considered “possible” by the president of Fnomceo Anelli) proposed by dr. Panti on the no vax doctor who prescribes the vaccine: the solution of this puzzle could lie in the analysis of the role of the health professional, who as such must be based in his work on a value to be affirmed and in fact rediscovered, which is that of mere coherence .

For at least three reasons:
the first is given by historical memory: in fact, vaccines have already unequivocally made a difference in human history and without immunizations we would still be at the mercy of numerous potentially fatal diseases.

Well, if only and “seriously” scientific evidence is to be taken into account, then the only discernible conclusion is that vaccines are a fundamental public health intervention; if, as Dr. Panti “Health is part of global security”, then in the interest of all this intervention must be accepted by the individual as a duty towards humanity, well above even the codes of ethics or any act of government policy (now desired da Anelli), which apparently risk becoming effective tools in the hands of hesitant bureaucrats … professional associations included.

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The second is something that has always made the world work: trust. Confidence in the fact that the clinical trials to which the preparations are subjected – the same as all the other drugs which we use extensively and also various abuses – guarantee the efficacy and safety of each vaccine.

Confidence in the fact that such short times of synthesis, experimentation and approval as those occurring for the COVID-19 pandemic are real primates possible only thanks to international scientific cooperation, based on a sharing of knowledge (including scientific evidence) that only a few decades ago it would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Trust in the fact that the vaccination act itself is subject to medical checks and that there are many cases of recommendations to avoid or postpone a vaccination (personally I have been able to ascertain a multiplicity of documents).

On the other hand, on what else would the health-patient relationship itself be based (which includes the doctor-patient one) if not on trust?

The third is a question of definition: we have been talking for months about “vaccination obligation”, but the same induced debate, which, however, by reaching the deontological sphere inevitably risks creating a true “Babel” between professional orders, gives the impression – despite what the pandemic itself has taught – that everything is but a real obligation.

All this “theory of coherence” – there would be others – to say one thing:

I accepted the proposal of the ASST for which soon my professional work – a company that I do not fail to thank – to voluntarily and not necessarily submit me to the 4a administration of anticovid-19 and influenza vaccine.

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I may feel a little low-grade like all other times, but I can be safe for myself and for others, everywhere, not just at work.

My trust translates into a guarantee.

Dr. Calogero Spada
TSRM – Master’s Doctor

08 November 2022
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