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The Colombini gym is named after Kristopher Dixon

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The Colombini high school gymnasium was officially named after Kristopher Dixon. In fact, on the afternoon of June 6, the plaque that bears his name was unveiled. His classmates wanted it: during a council session, the councilor for school policies and sport, Mario Dadati, had brought the request presented by the Colombini students and supported by the school itself, led by the principal Monica Ferri . Kristopher was the second son of the mayor of Piacenza Katia Tarasconi: a sociable boy, with many friends, at school and beyond. Kristopher was starting his fifth year in high school and lost his life in a tragic car accident on September 17, 2021 in Rome. So in the afternoon, obviously in the presence of his mother, his classmates and the institutions, the plaque was unveiled and blessed, the school gymnasium will forever bear his name.

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