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“The construction site of the school gym risks stalling”

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“The construction site of the school gym risks stalling”

One month after taking office in the City Council, the mayor Francesco Billi and his team reported the first steps of the administration in Piazza Machiavelli, during a very well attended public assembly. “Here nobody gets their heads up, nor intends to look to the past, but I believe it is right that citizenship knows where we are starting from and the first steps of the new administrative path – began the mayor -. We are moving by keeping the electoral program chosen by the voters “.

Waste and recycling center

In this regard, Billi recalled “during the election campaign we said that we would be committed to the expansion of our recycling center: well, work is already starting so that electrical or electronic waste can also be brought to Castrocaro, such as televisions or refrigerators, without having to go to Forlì. After the summer, then, together with Alea, we will rearrange the days and hours of the sweepers, which must be punctual “.

The new gym

Gymnasium chapter: “The school gym is a construction site that risks stalling – he pointed out -. We are pushing the starting economic framework of 600 thousand euros for the increase of the material and because, in my humble opinion, a longer political step has been taken of the leg. Obviously it will not be ready in September, but we are doing everything possible not to stop the work and move on. The first goal is to cover the structure before the bad season to prevent it from deteriorating. The second is to finish it within twelve months because it does not we can afford an infinite construction site. Knowing the needs of our young people and our families, know that this will be our priority “.

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Ordinary maintenance

On the ordinary maintenance, however, the mayor anticipates that “by next spring about half a million euros will be allocated between pruning, asphalts, maintenance and lighting. It seems a lot, but it will be only a beginning. In the very first days we collected the mowings piled up in some areas of the country and changed the company for cutting the grass. At least one hundred thousand euros, however, we must save them to face any increases in municipal expenditure for electricity and gas bills. “

Castrocaro Festival

On the Festival, the administration “is moving towards a relaunch. Nobody has participated in the last calls: the competition must be renewed with the aim of bringing people to the village and redeveloping the City of Music.”.

At the end, the general states of the municipality were

Many other topics were discussed during the assembly, from public transport to safety, from the commitment to regain the voluntary civil service to the antenna plan approved by the previous administration. “After the summer” concluded Billi “we will convene the general states of our municipality to share the 2023 objectives with associations, trade associations, residents and young people.”

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