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the danger to our health is around the corner

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the danger to our health is around the corner

The barbecue hides pitfalls for our health. Bad news for grill lovers, but a remedy exists.

Four words that we never wanted to hear “barbecue is carcinogenic” if not used in the right way. Let’s find out how to avoid major health problems.

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A garden, a grill, a light summer breeze and close friends, this is the perfect evening for many Italian barbecue lovers. The mere thought of savoring bruschetta, sausages and grilled vegetables makes your mouth water but you have to pay attention to a very important aspect, the cooking food. The method of heating meat and other foods on the barbecue is different from the traditional cooking method. It is a procedure called conduction which allows a quick cooking on a high flame with the part on the flame that browns and the lateral and upper parts that are cooked by irradiation. Let’s talk about chemical processes not to be underestimated because a particular cooking can have effects very negative on health.

Barbecue and cooking food

There are different types of barbecues on the market. Some models allow you to cook the meat directly on the flame, others on the grill but in both cases this particular cooking method allows you to make crispy food and very tasty. The danger looms, however, when the product is burned too much. The burnt one, in fact, it is carcinogenic because it develops particular chemicals that are harmful to the body. The harm is not as high as that caused by smoking cigarettes but can still lead to the development of a lung cancer. Similarly, attention should be paid to the smoke that is inhaled when grilling. Despite being outdoors, the smoke released is powerful and if the food absorbs more than necessary it could run into health dangers. This is what the National Cancer Institute.

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Tricks not to be underestimated

Given the health risks associated with burning and incorrect smoking, it is necessary to follow useful tips not to miss cooking during the barbecue. In the first place, there is no need to overdo it the three barbecues a month – according to the experts – and fundamental indications must be implemented.

You have to choose the more suitable foods (lean meat and fish), prepare the meat adequately by removing the fat and removing the skin of the chicken, use completely defrosted products, clean carefully the grid before and after its use and prefer the use of grids with thin arms or corrugated plates. It is not recommended to reach too high temperatures while cooking times must be limited to avoid excessive smoking or burning.

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