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The “David” is renewed, open day and gym machines available to the public

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The “David” is renewed, open day and gym machines available to the public

JESI – The David is renewed with the new Panatta-branded machinery and has opened the doors for an open day dedicated to users and the simply curious. It was the first of a series of meetings that are dedicated to the public to do physical activity followed by the gym instructors. The public was able to engage in activities, followed by the instructors, and try out the over 60 new machines, in a completely renovated environment, including the furnishings, from 5pm throughout the evening. Two DJs enlivened the weight room and the fitness courses, while the pilates courses were conducted to the rhythm of the harp played by a professional musician.

«After the pandemic period, the demand for physical activity done in the gym is significantly increasing throughout Italy (750 million apps were downloaded in Italy alone during the pandemic period) and Jesi and the Vallesina are the protagonists in this strong growth trend- reads a press release – in the gym there are four professional instructors who personally follow the users and who help to select the most suitable activity path for individual needs, and those who wish can also be followed by qualified personal trainers, with one-on-one training.

The machines of the Panatta company, 100% Made in Italy, the equipment are produced in the Apiro plant and are exported all over the world. In the last two years, the company has conceived and designed 95 new machines in the cardio and isotonic sectors.

«David is a gym open to the public – said Andrea Valeri, director of the Club – and we have a concept of physical activity for everyone. At the disposal of our members we have professional graduate instructors, who personally follow each client of the gym. The time dedicated to updating and research is also considerable, so as to always be ready to handle new questions and requests. The courses of Il David represent a complete and exhaustive range, in line with the major trends of the moment, and suitable for every need. In the future we have planned new days of free opening to the public, in order to encourage direct participation in physical activity”.

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