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The death of Purgatori, on ischemic hypotheses certainty in September

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The hypothesis of ischemia remains but a certainty will only come at the end of all the investigations ordered by the Rome prosecutor’s office to shed light on the death of the journalist Andrea Purgatori.

The tests carried out so far, i.e. the CT scan and the autopsy, do not rule out the hypothesis of ischemia but – underline the family’s lawyers – “sOnly after the end of the autopsy operations will it be possible to confirm or deny any investigative hypothesis, including ischemia“.

Ischemic traces in the brain were diagnosed in Purgatori during a subsequent examination which the journalist underwent after the first diagnosis which ascertained the tumor with metastases to the lungs but also to the brain. The exams will continue on 6 September with additional insights.

All the reports ordered by the magistrates of the Rome prosecutor’s office Sergio Colaiocco and Giorgio Orano aim to establish whether there has been “an execution error in the concrete health practice”, or whether there has been a diagnosis error and whether the consequent wrong treatments have affected the patient’s life expectancy. For this reason, also through the seizure of the medical records, the prosecutors will try to reconstruct the last three months of Purgatori’s life spent between health facilities and conflicting medical consultations so much so that – the relatives of the journalist who made the complaint to the prosecution report – there was a dispute on the interpretation of the CAT scan between Professor Gianfranco Gualdi, director of emergency radiology at the Umberto I university hospital in Rome and head of radiology at the Pio XI clinic, who had diagnosed the metastases, and professor Alessandro Bozzao – full professor of Neuroradiology at Sapienza University -, who instead claimed the presence of traces of ischemia. Even in a clinical center in Rozzano, to which Purgatori had turned, they had maintained that the CAT scan did not show any evidence of metastases.

The first results of the autopsy – conducted by Professor Luigi Marsella of the University of Tor Vergata – speak of a death linked to a “cardiopulmonary problem” while they did not return any certainties about an alleged infection, septic pericarditis. Also on this point the experts reserve a clarification at the end of the exams. In the investigation, the professors of the Pius XI private clinic, Gianfranco Gualdi, head of Radiology, and Claudio Di Biasi, are under investigation for manslaughter, both defended by the lawyer Fabio Lattanzi. These are the doctors who, last May, diagnosed him with advanced cancer, with brain metastases.

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