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The diet against a swollen belly: how to make the intestine work better and feel fit

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The diet against a swollen belly: how to make the intestine work better and feel fit

Do you always have a swollen panic and don’t know how to solve this annoying problem? Follow the advice of the experts and you will not regret it.

You suffer from swollen belly And you can’t figure out why? Don’t despair: there is a solution. Having a perpetually swollen belly is not a problem to be ascribed to a purely aesthetic issue. In fact, at the basis of this phenomenon there could be some minor problems that are easily identifiable and treatable, and others that need to be investigated more carefully.

Generally the most frequent cause of this pathology is to be found in one imbalance between good and bad intestinal bacteria. Inside the intestine is in fact naturally present a microbiota which helps to keep the environment healthy and functional for the correct performance of intestinal activities.

Sometimes because of stress alterations may occur and the consequence is to notice a swelling in the abdominal area. In the first instance, if the disturbance should be persistent and last for a long period of time, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Swollen belly, what to eat and what not to fight the ailment

As mentioned, most of the time this phenomenon is the indicator of non-alarming disturbances, but in some cases it can represent the symptom of a more severe pathology. There are therefore no excuses, the rule to follow is to request the help of a doctor. Having made this premise, you can try to find relief by making changes to your diet. In fact, some foods can aggravate the symptom, making the situation worse.

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Swollen belly, the remedies recommended by experts (tantasalute.it)

In fact, if the belly always appears swollen, one of the reasons could be precisely the poor diet. Consume foods often fast food for example it can cause abdominal swelling, the same thing goes for i too sugary foods, carbonated drinks and much more. The strategy to adopt in these cases is to ban high-calorie foods rich in preservatives and prefer seasonal fruit and vegetables.

As a snack it is an excellent one yogurt bianco, without added sugar. For lunch and dinner, foods rich in proteins are preferred, such as White meat. The consumption of carbohydrates should be limited, in any case moderation is the best way. Also you need to maintain the proper level hydrationdrink this a fair amount of water.

Experts generally recommend drinking at least two liters a day for adults, but this is a generic figure. In fact, everything depends on gender, weight, state of health and physical activity usually performed. Another measure to adopt is to chew slowly, eating fast can cause a bloated belly.

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