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“The doctors have spoken clearly”. Ida Platano, the truth after the rush to the hospital

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“The doctors have spoken clearly”.  Ida Platano, the truth after the rush to the hospital

Ida Platano recently made her fans worry by sharing a photo of her at the hospital in her stories. She finally let her know what it is

There is a lot of anticipation for the return of Men and women in September and also for Ida Platano, the lady who more and more, is taking on a particular significance within the show. The turbulent history of her with Riccardo Guarnieri she thrilled the public and many women saw themselves in her sufferings of love and in her tears shed.

A few weeks after the beginning of the first studio recordings, the indiscretion that Ida Platano, this time, probably will have leaked a special role in Maria De Filippi’s dating show. They are World TV 24 of law that will be a kind of columnist in the field. At the moment it is not clear what it means, but it is certainly a novelty that will appeal to fans of the hairdresser from Brescia.

The hospitalization

Ida Platano in recent weeks she has shared a post that has alarmed her fans of Instagram. Here the lady has a following of over 500 mila follower and right from here recently, he did know not to be in very good healthshowing himself in a hospital bed.

“Hello my beautiful. I wanted to tell you that I have not disappeared, I am not so well. It will pass. I will be back soon. A hug”, Ida Platano had made known without adding further details.

Ida Platano lets you know how she is

The post immediately went around the web and Ida at some point she felt compelled to clarify and specify what brought her to the hospital with a second post: “It was not my intention to worry you, really “, he stated on social media. Then he added: “It all started with some very severe migraines, I would really say … I’ve never had them like this. From there my doctor tells me when he visits me to go immediately to the emergency room ”.

An eventful summer for Ida, apparently not immune to unpleasant events, but we hope all solvable. The public loves her and can’t wait to find her on Canale 5. Even more so, after the latest dynamics arising from the return to the show of her old flame Riccardo Guarnieri. We just have to wait and see what happens.

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