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The domestic ARPG “Asterigos: The Lost City” high-degree-of-freedom weapon battle is worth looking forward to, but unfortunately it can’t be played at this year’s Taipei Game Show | 4Gamers

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The action game “Asterigos: Lost City” developed by Aikemi Games for many years has attracted a lot of attention since its debut at the Tokyo Game Show last year. Recently, the publisher Gravity and the development team released the trial version of the protagonist “Hilda”. The computer game screen, but unfortunately, players may not be able to play it in a short time.

“Asterigos” is a western fantasy style action game with a fusion of Greek and Roman colors. The background story describes a young and heroic female soldier of the North Wind, “Hilda”, who came to the mystery of the lost millennium in pursuit of her lost father. The ancient city “Aphos”, and the stage of players’ adventure is to gradually explore the ancient city and challenge the powerful BOSS.


“Asterigos” built with the Unreal Engine engine performs very well in the special effects of the picture, and also combines the third-party technical cooperation such as Simplygon 3D module enhancement, Conherent design interactive interface, FMOD real-time mixing, and AMD FSR technology to improve the quality of the picture frame. .

And all these carvings are designed to present the most important combat performance tension in the game. You can hack, roll or consume stars to perform stunts in the game. In addition to health, stamina also affects when you block or sprint. The essential.

In “Asterigos”, Hilda has 6 kinds of weapons, namely sword and shield, sledgehammer, short gun, double blade, staff and wrist, players can equip two of them at the same time, through the controller L1, L2, R1, R2 to operate its normal attacks and special actions. For example, the special action of the sword and shield is to block, and the special action of the short spear is to parry.



In addition to weapon changes, Hilda can also upgrade to gain skill points, and choose active and passive skills with different effects on the talent astrolabe. There are a total of 30 skills and talents in the game, allowing players to match their own fighting style.

It is worth mentioning that each player can only choose to equip 4 active stunts at the storage point. These skills appear to correspond to the 6 weapons of Hilda, but in fact, no matter what kind of weapon is equipped, it does not affect the performance of the stunt. .

In other words, there is a high degree of freedom in combat operations. Players who like the rhythm of “Sekiro” can use short guns to parry the enemy and counterattack. Players who are accustomed to soul-based operations can use swords and shields with staffs, and then use double-swords. Flurry stunt. Editor When I tried the BOSS battle, the switching rhythm of the double sword and the sledgehammer even evoked my muscle memory from playing “Monster Hunter”.


Aside from battles, “Asterigos” is not an open world for exploration, but a series of regional map levels. There are many objects on the map that can be destroyed, and there are also treasure chests or elite monsters that can be challenged.

According to development director Lin Zhengxian, “Asterigos” has a 15-hour main storyline and a 30-hour sideline storyline. There are 20 bosses and as many as 60 kinds of monsters in the ten levels.

For players who like to enjoy the story, this work has a unique log system. Through the graphic diary drawn by Hilda’s exploration progress, it helps players understand the world view of the “Asterigos” game.




Having actually played the demo version, “Asterigos” has no difficulty in the simplest story mode, moderate damage in the slightly advanced adventure mode, and the most difficult challenge mode is to punish those who want to Players who do not dodge when mowing the grass can make Hilda return to the storage point with one or two mobs.

As for the shortcomings, “Asterigos” currently lacks shocking sound effects, and there seems to be room for adjustment and improvement in the details of movement, stiffness, or other combat actions, which still have a chance to improve before the game is released.

According to the development team’s notice, it was originally planned to provide live player demos during this year’s Taipei Game Show. In the end, due to the publisher’s change of plans, this game will only be exhibited in B2B this year. However, players can still get a glimpse of Asterigos in action with a 20-minute demo.

“Asterigos: Lost City” is expected to be launched on PS4, PS5 and PC platforms in 2022. The game development is nearing completion, and the detailed release date has not yet been determined. Interested players can refer to the game’s official website.


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