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The domestic game “Cat’sKiss 猫研社” and the cohabitation life of the cat girl? ! | XFastest News

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(Click the picture to get the first experience on Steam)

The domestic game “Cat’sKiss 猫研社” is now available for everyone to experience on Steam! The adult game developed by the Taiwanese game team Narrator must be supported anyway! ! !

(Picture from Narrator Fan Special)

The approximate story content of the game is that there is a wealthy eldest lady who is cursed and turned into a cat. It needs the prince’s true love kiss (?) to release, so she finds the male protagonist who is the descendant of the Russian aristocracy. As everyone knows, the male protagonist who has fallen into the family is now only a renter who is on the go to pay off his school loan! To unravel the curse, every day is warm and thrilling?

Because the overall gameplay content is an experience version, the main storyline does not seem to be enough. However, the gameplay is not a simple story to the game. You can follow the story line by choosing an answer or something. Rather, it will be similar to the concept of the development of DreamWorks. You have to work and make money to buy props to make the lady happy, and play games and follow. Chatting is even more indispensable. Looking at the editor, my heart is itching, so I quickly buy it to help everyone try it.

In addition, the game novel “Cat Research Society” adapted from the cutting-edge game is also officially released today. It was adapted by light novelist D51 and invited Taiwanese painter Yaguo to draw the cover, and the physical and e-book dual versions were simultaneously put on the shelves.

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