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The door to the temple of “Phantom Abyss” is open!Open Steam Early Access from today

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The multiplayer online asynchronous competitive game “Phantom Abyss” launched by the world-renowned independent game developer Devolver Digital and the Australian game development force WIBY will be available for early access on Steam today (22), celebrating the launch of the game. A 20% discount will be provided before July 9th, priced at NT$390.

Every bold adventure requires players to avoid countless hidden traps, jump over unreliable pits under their feet, and escape the relentless pursuit of the guards until someone obtains the sacred relic and seals the temple permanently. , Or welcoming death to stop their exploration.

If you are an experienced adventurer, it is a great way to make good use of the phantom tracks of other failed players to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Note that players only have one chance. If the expedition fails or retreats to take away the secondary holy artifacts, you will never see this temple again…

“Phantom Abyss” will continue to provide more new map scenes, traps, props and whips that players can use, special regions and even different gameplay methods, bringing the most exciting competitive content to players who have the first experience. Interested players can go to the game’s official website to get more in-depth and real-time information.

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