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the Ebola-like virus, a new nightmare – Libero Quotidiano

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In Great Britain there is the first dead of Lassa fever, a virus very similar to Ebola. What is it specifically about? A acute viral hemorrhagic disease which can also lead to internal bleeding and affect multiple organ systems. Two cases have been registered in the country so far, while a third would be monitored by health personnel. The first victim was from Bedfordshire.

The few cases reported so far, as theIndependent, they all come from the same family in the east of England. And all of them would have recently made gods travel to West Africa. Ukhsa, the UK’s Health Safety Agency, said it was already at work: “We are contacting people who have had close contact with cases prior to confirmation of their infection, to provide assessments, support and appropriate advice. The risk for the population remains very low “.

A spokesperson for the hospital where the first death occurred said: “We confirm the death of a patient at our center who contracted Lassa fever. We send our deepest condolences to the family in this difficult time.” The virus that now worries the British is part of the same family as Ebola, while not equally dangerous and contagious. It has now become endemic in several West African countries. Contagion can occur as a result of contact with mouse droppings or through already infected body fluids. The name of the disease can be traced back to the Nigerian city of the same name, where in 1969 two missionary nurses died of this disease. Generally it heals in a short time, but in other cases it can unfortunately be fatal.

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