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the effective remedies to eliminate the discomfort

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the effective remedies to eliminate the discomfort

Even those who have never had them know that hemorrhoids can be painful and very annoying. It is possible to cure them thanks to some remedies that are considered effective: here are what they are.

It is one of the most common pathologies that exist and affects both women and men alike. There are those who suffer from it frequently and others only on certain occasions, or it is an inflammation that comes with the change of season. However, in any case it is always good to know what the remedies are and how and when to intervene to prevent the pain from getting worse.

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The hemorrhoids, both internal and external, are the consequence of inflammation of the set of veins, arteries and muscle fibers that make up the hemorrhoidal tissue. There is no way to fret or panic, as this is a problem that is much more common than you might imagine. But the good thing is that it has a solution and it can be prevented.

The cause of hemorrhoids are manifold. The main ones are to be found in constipation, which generally aggravates the symptoms. Causes include diarrhea, but also standing for many hours or pregnancy and hereditary factors. THE symptoms that warn us of the onset of hemorrhoids are easy to identify. There is pain or discomfort, but also bleeding in the area.

Remedies for hemorrhoids: here are what they are

Hemorrhoids can be external, those that arise as a result of inflammation of the outermost hemorrhoidal area and we can touch them. But also internal, those that are invisible and generally cause bleeding and pain. Both are treatable with dietary and hygiene measures.

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When there are gods mild symptoms is recommended drink water and follow a diet rich in fibre, fruit e vegetables. It is good avoid alcohol eh spicy foods o spicy. Reduce your intake of caffeine e chocolate and avoid the abuse of astringent drugs (anti-inflammatory NSAIDs, anxiolytics and antidepressants). Avoid long periods of sitting on the toilet e clean the area with anal wipes with aloe vera.

For those who have moderate symptoms they have to follow the same guidelines as before, but they have to add some laxatives to soften the stool. In severe cases, it is also possible to use suppositories e ointments to reduce pain, promoting healing. To improve blood circulation, you could also take some natural supplements.

In other cases it is possible for the doctor to intervene surgically to treat veins that have become inflamed or dilated around the anus. It is a safe surgery, usually done on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The operation can be performed using several techniques, the most common being thehemorrhoidectomy. Another method is thehemorrhoidopexy.

The information written in these paragraphs has a simple informative purpose and is not intended as a substitute for an expert opinion. In the event of discomfort, pain or a problem of this kind, it is advisable to go to your GP or consult a specialist.

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