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The elixir of life starts with how we eat: the ‘rules’ to follow at the table

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The elixir of life starts with how we eat: the ‘rules’ to follow at the table

Living long is the desire of many, but a healthy lifestyle depends on what we eat and the rules we follow at the table.

The elixir of life begins right from table and the rules to follow to maintain one’s health for a long time. These are to be applied to everyday life for promote well-being and to always guarantee the body a quick recovery in case of problems.

To live well, one must first of all eat right, therefore certainly less than what we currently do. Given the increased prosperity and changes in food, today there is a great expenditure, a huge waste of food and an excessive consumption of products.

The rules to follow at the table for a long life

For a healthy lifestyle, it would be necessary to reduce a percentage between 20 and 40% of calories that they take every day. According to Italian Society of Internal Medicine (SIMI) this is the elixir to be able to live long and stay in shape.

Overeating subjects the body to one stress perenne. While when fewer calories are consumed, cells develop a mode called “protection” to defend themselves in the event of an attack. What seems like a sacrifice to us, actually makes the body feel better that it tends to regenerate quickly.

The secret to living long is to reduce the caloric intake of what you eat and avoid excesses – tantasalute.it

It’s a self cannibalism of cells that eliminate the old ones and clean up to be ready for the worst. Consequently the caloric restriction is good, obviously exaggerating but going to eliminate all that is not necessary.

The first step is certainly related to refined products such as sugar and white flour, which are also associated with the risk of developing chronic and degenerative diseases. According to studies just follow a low-calorie diet or, for those who fail, the traditional diet for 3 or 4 months and then 5 days of low-calorie regimen to empty the cells.

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This is not a great sacrifice, but a relative limit that can be made to improve health in the short and long term. What is always recommended is to follow a healthy and balanced dietpreferring fresh and seasonal products and avoiding the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, elaborate and very sugary products and in general anything that is artificial and could be heavy for the body to work with.

Being normal weight is not just a question aesthetics. It is a factor linked first of all to our well-being, as underlined by recent research carried out on the subject which pushes towards an adequate and “right” diet, even in quantity.

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