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The emergency medical service disappears, anxiety for the approximately 4 thousand inhabitants of the municipality

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What is worrying is the area from which it is difficult to reach health centers.

The municipality of Bagolino (Valle Sabbia) 3,879 inhabitants remained without a medical guard.

The request in a letter

Thus the mayor Gianzano Brand he decided to write a letter of explanations addressed to the general manager of the Ats of Brescia Claudio Vito Restart, to the doctor Elena Belli of the Primary Care Department, to Dr. Ernesto Giacò and to the president of District 12 of Valle Sabbia Michele Zanardi. For information, the general practitioners of the country were also consulted, Gabriele Nicolini ed Alfonso Fiore.

The text of the letter

Hello, I am writing because for days the administration of Bagolino – Ponte Caffaro has been overwhelmed by reports regarding the very serious disservice linked to the absence of the only night medical center within a radius of 50 kilometers: the medical guard. Inefficiency that becomes anxiety if we consider the territorial connotation of a peripheral mountain village where the viability to the health centers is difficult, due to road conditions, and slow, due to continuous traffic problems, and from which it therefore takes more than a ‘time to reach the nearest hospital. The problem is extremely serious, first of all because the administration was not informed in the least, and equally because the services that were provided by the medical guard represented in fact the only form of first aid, not only for the citizens of Bagolino. but also for the many tourists who decide to choose the location for their holidays. It is inadmissible and even disrespectful if we consider the historical moment that still sees the pandemic as the protagonist of the concerns of many fellow citizens. Therefore, in the absence of the on-call medical service and without any official communication regarding the resumption of the service, a situation of social alarm has arisen especially among the older population to which we municipal administrators cannot give a solution. To this end, we ask for an urgent meeting, also for that duty of information that has been denied us, and in any case the diligent reactivation of this service in order to safeguard the right to health of our fellow citizens.

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