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“The entrance test to medicine, and dreams shattered by hasty corrections”

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“Dear Union,

what mysterious criterion will MIUR have ever chosen to correct the much contested admission test to degree courses in Medicine and Surgery? Weren’t corrections to some answers more wrong than mistakes? In times of Covid, anything can happen.

Let’s take for example question 21 of the test:

“Which of the following statements is / are true?

A1 – hydrogen is the only element given different names

for some of its isotopes

A2 – in kilograms, the mass of the atom is between 10-31 and 10-29

A3 – with the exception of hydrogen, all atoms of other chemical elements

they have an equal number of electrons and neutrons


A) A1 e A2

B) A2 e A3

C) all

D) A1 e A3

* E) none “.

At first, the answer considered correct was A). Then there were the first reports of the candidates and the prompt intervention of the MIUR: the correct answer miraculously became E) and that is ‘none’. Indeed, none of the above options were correct.

Rereading, however, the question ‘Which of the following statements is / are true?’ we realize that the ‘none’ option must necessarily refer to the three statements, not to the answer options.

Since the first statement is true (A1 hydrogen is the only element to which different names are given for some of its isotopes) the answer option ‘E) none’ is clearly wrong.

Needless to say, these mistakes will decide the future of the kids from whom they will subtract points for having chosen option A).

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Dreams shattered by hasty corrections “.

L. S.


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