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The entrance tests to medicine change, less general knowledge quizzes

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The entrance tests to medicine change, less general knowledge quizzes

Medicine quizzes change. With a decree just signed by Minister Cristina Messa, the composition of the entrance tests for aspiring “white coats” has been revised. The tests, scheduled for September 6 (13 in English) will have fewer questions of general knowledge and logical reasoning in favor of the questions of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. But the biggest news will come from 2023/24 when the “Tolc” of the Cisia are expected, which can be held from the penultimate year of high school and twice in the same year

The new composition of the tests

The questions will again be 60. However, their composition changes: there will be 4 questions of reading skills and knowledge acquired in the studies; – 5 of logical reasoning and problems; 23 of biology; 15 of chemistry; – thirteen (13) questions of physics and mathematics. Where last year there had been 12 of general culture, 10 of logical reasoning, 18 of biology, 12 of chemistry and 8 of physics and mathematics.

The date

The dates of the selections that will follow the following calendar have been confirmed: Tuesday 6 September medicine and dentistry in Italian; Thursday 8 September veterinary; Tuesday 13 September medicine and dentistry in English; Thursday 15 September health professions.

The calculation of the score

However, the rules for the attribution of points do not change. A maximum of 90 points can be reached, taking into account the following criteria: 1.5 points for each correct answer, minus 0.4 points for each incorrect answer and 0 points for each omitted answer.

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The places available

The extent of the availability for 2022 is still unknown. But the Minister Mass has guaranteed several times that it will not drop below the 14,500 of last year.

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