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the extraordinary benefits for our health

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Persimmons, typical autumn fruits, have very important therapeutic properties for our health. Here are all the benefits.

Persimmon (Photo by Any Lane from Pexels)

Persimmons are typical fruits of the autumn season. Some people can’t wait for the months of October and November to return to eat them again. In these two months, in fact, they mature and are found in abundance on trees and on the market. But perhaps not everyone knows that they are fruits from therapeutic virtues.

Experts and doctors agree that people should take this fruit in the fall. Indeed, to fill it up precisely for the properties it owns and for extraordinary benefits it has on our body. Obviously, you shouldn’t overdo it, especially for those with diabetes.

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Persimmons are rich in vitamins and of minerals, much more than other fruits. For all of us, therefore, they are really a good for our body which, especially in the cold season, needs some extra protection. But here are all the properties and benefits for our health.

Persimmons have therapeutic virtues: the extraordinary benefits for our health

Persimmons, how to store them
cachi (pixabay)

First of all, it is good to know that a small fruit, about 100 grams, contains 75 Kcal. Persimmons are composed of 80% water, 12% sugar, 0.2% fat, 3.6% dietary fiber, 0.5% protein. I am very rich in vitamin A, B and C.. The latter is very important for our immune system, it helps in the absorption of iron, and also allows the skin to remain elastic and toned.

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But they also contain many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, but also magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, copper and potassium. The potassium and the fibers allow a laxative effect useful for the intestine. This in ripe persimmons. Also, they have a diuretic and purifying effect, very useful for the liver that needs to clean itself of waste.

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They are fruits capable of protect spleen, liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines with all the minerals it possesses. Furthermore, it is an energizing fruit, so it can help fight fatigue and stress. Finally, you will be very pleased to know that persimmons they help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer formation. In short, if you can, eat them because they are really good for our health.

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