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the extreme gesture in Morocco is extremely dangerous

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the extreme gesture in Morocco is extremely dangerous

Terra Amara, Demir – or rather the actor who plays him, Murat Unalmis, has become the protagonist of an extreme and very dangerous gesture: here’s what he did

Terra Amara is one of Mediaset’s most popular soap operas. The credit goes to a story that can always keep its viewers in suspense. On the other hand, the title of the serial is by no means accidental. Based also on the advances that leak everywhere, most of the protagonists are destined for a bad end. Among these there is also Demir Yaman, brilliantly played by Murat Unalmis.

Wanting to trivially describe the story of Terra Amara, it is a troubled love story between a seamstress (Zuleyha) and a mechanic (Yilmaz). The problem is that this strong feeling will never be able to materialize permanently due to Hunkar-mother of Demir, who comes to force the marriage between her son and the beautiful protagonist, destining her to her unhappiness. In the episodes, as anticipated, there is never a shortage of twists, however it seems that Murat is also used to letting himself go to shocking experiences in life, such as the last one he had in Morocco and of which he left a trace on Instagram, where boasts – with good reason – an exorbitant number of followers.

Terra Amara, Demir’s experience in Morocco leaves you speechless: the gesture is extremely risky

Murat Unalmis is best known for playing Demir in Terra Amara, however, his first appearance in cinema and television dates back to a long time before the TV series broadcast by Mediaset. In particular it was 2003 when he took part in the Sinirli Ask show. Also in the same year, he played Seyit in the ATV series Kursun Yarasi. In his curriculum there is also some film like Celal Oglan.

More TV series than movies, it must be said, have led Murat to become known all over the world. The big leap came with Terra Amara. After the soap in question, he played Bagatur in the fiction Gokturkler Asya’nin Efendileri and recently finished shooting Gulcemal, a series in which he stars together with actress Melis Sezen. In short, the Yaman keeps busy. However, when he has some breaks from the various sets, he can’t help but take a well-deserved vacation.

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Terra Amara, Demi in Morocco with a snake on her shoulder

A few days ago, for example, he posted a carousel on Instagram describing his holidays in Morocco. The latter were characterized by long walks by the sea, swimming in the pool, evening cocktails, visits to important monuments and even an extreme experience. Which? Murat took a snake in his arms! Surely it will not have been a specimen without ‘education’, however it is certainly not a gesture that everyone would do. And then, are we sure it wasn’t poisonous?

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