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The feet often signal major health problems that we are not aware of

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For almost everyone, health is the fundamental aspect of our life. We are used to feeling that it is useless to have a lot of money if our body is not healthy and healthy.

A great truth, given that very often health problems cause ailments that do not allow us to live life to the full.

The human body is a perfect machine, the best ever. As often happens, it is some symptoms that show us the appearance of certain diseases. From the most common, such as a fever or a cold, to the most serious and complicated.

Our body speaks to us and communicates states of malaise that few, however, are able to understand. We should learn to listen and watch our body carefully in order to pick up even the lightest signals.

The feet often signal major health problems that we are not aware of

It may seem strange, but our feet also speak, signaling more or less serious health problems.

This part of the body capable of supporting the whole human figure, is often put aside or is little considered. Nothing could be more wrong as the feet often signal major health problems that we are not aware of.

Below we go to see and recognize some alarm bells launched right from our feet, which should make us think. It goes without saying that after verifying the presence of these symptoms, a medical consultation is necessary for more specific investigations.

Swollen feet

Many women, especially during the last months of pregnancy, can understand the annoying feeling of having huge feet so much that they can no longer walk. Aside from the period of pregnancy and pregnancy, swollen feet often manifest a serious problem with the body in eliminating excess fluids. People with swollen feet may suffer from heart failure, liver failure, or kidney disease that causes fluid retention.

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Big toe purplish red and warm

Many people with gout have reported that they became aware of this condition after reporting the following symptoms. If our big toe does not maintain a similar shape or color to other fingers, it could be a wake-up call for this disease. Gout, caused by an excess of uric acid, affects the most extreme parts of the body, manifesting visible symptoms like these.


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