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The FIASO study reveals: “34% of positive hospitalized patients are not Covid sick”

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34% of positive patients hospitalized in the hospital he is not sick with Covid, he does not suffer from respiratory or pulmonary syndromes and has not developed Covid disease. One out of three patients is hospitalized to treat anything else: trauma, heart attacks, haemorrhages, decompensation, tumors, but at the time of the pre-admission swab is positive for Sars-Cov-2. The data emerge from a study carried out on January 5 by FIASO on the admissions of 6 large hospitals and healthcare companies: Asst Civilian hospitals of Brescia, Irccs San Martino Polyclinic Hospital of Genoa, Irccs Aou of Bologna, Tor Vergata Polyclinic, San Giuseppe Moscati Hospital of Avellino and Bari Polyclinic.

Of the total 550 patients monitored, a sample equal to 4% of the total Italian hospitalized, 363 (66%) are hospitalized with a diagnosis of pulmonary infection. While 187 (34%) do not show clinical, radiographic and laboratory signs of lung involvement: that is, they were hospitalized not for the virus but with the virus. And the phrase takes on a very different meaning because infection is not necessarily the same as disease.

Of these 187, 36% are pregnant women who need obstetric and gynecological assistance. 33%, on the other hand, is made up of patients hospitalized for reasons derived from diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological, oncological or chronic bronchopneumopathies.
8% concerns patients with ischemia, stroke, brain haemorrhage or heart attack and another 8% is represented by patients who have to undergo a urgent surgery and cannot be postponed even if positive for Covid. Furthermore, 6% of the total is made up of patients who arrive at the emergency room a cause of accidents.

Finally, according to the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals, it is important to underline the age difference between the groups of positive patients. Patients hospitalized for Covid are much older and have an average of 69 years of age, while the positives without symptoms and hospitalized for other diseases have an average of 56. Among the subjects who have developed lung disease from viruses, is vaccinated with a full course of three doses or with two for less than 4 months, only 14%. While among the Sars-Cov-2 positives hospitalized for other diseases, 27% are vaccinated with three doses or two for less than 4 months.

[di Iris Paganessi]

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