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The fines for 2 million no vax over 50 are ready: the first 600 thousand letters are leaving

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The fines for 2 million no vax over 50 are ready: the first 600 thousand letters are leaving

The sending by the Inland Revenue-Collection of tax bills with a penalty of 100 euros for citizens over 50 no-vax who have not undergone anti-Covid vaccination has become fully operational. The Ministry of Health has in fact sent the lists of people who have not undergone the vaccine – it would be an audience of about 2 million over 50s – and, after verification, the folders are sent via the post office. At the moment, a first batch of about 600 thousand notices that precede the actual fine are being shipped. Of the 2 million no vax, around 800 thousand are in any case recovered from Covid: it will be up to them to respond to the ASL, with a procedure that is not exactly easy, to avoid the 100 euro fine.

The incoming alerts

The Legislative Decree 1/2022 in force since January 8th introduced the vaccination obligation for those who have reached the age of 50 or will have them by next June 15th, the date on which the provisions will cease to be in force. The penalty of 100 euros is in fact applied to those who, by that date, are not vaccinated or have only performed the first dose or the second without the recall within the established terms. To notify the sanction is precisely the Revenue Agency, while to impose it will be the Ministry of Health. Before the debit notice, the no vax will receive a notice of initiation of the procedure: these are precisely the 600 thousand letters leaving in these days. As soon as you receive it, you can decide to pay, of course. Or he will have ten days, under penalty of forfeiture, to send any exemptions or other reasons that caused the vaccine to be deferred to the local health company competent for the area: this is the case of those who have had Covid.

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The not easy procedure to avoid the fine

Within the same 10 days of receipt of the notice, in addition to informing the ASL, the recipient of the possible “fine” must send a communication to the Inland Revenue in which he will report that he has sent his justifications to the health company for not having vaccinated. Within another 10 days, the Local Health Authority will always have to notify the Inland Revenue whether the sanction is to be imposed or not, in the latter case by closing the procedure. . Within the following 180 days, the Inland Revenue will notify the interested party via Pec or registered letter with return receipt, which will have the value of enforceable title. Therefore, whoever pays only after this second notification and not after the first one should also be charged the expenses for the latter. The recipient will still have 60 days to pay or 30 days to appeal to the Justice of the Peace.

Among the no vax also 800 thousand infected by Covid

As mentioned, there are about 2 million Italians over 50 who have not been vaccinated and therefore risk a fine. But the count also includes the no vaxes who in recent months – and that is from February 1 when the vaccination obligation came into force – have been infected by Covid and for this reason have not been vaccinated. According to the data available to the Ministry of Health, just under 800 thousand people over 50 have recovered from Covid in recent months and therefore the list of recipients of the fine should be reduced to almost 1.2 million (1,177,000 to be exact) . The problem, however, is that it will be up to the no vax infected and cured of Covid to start the “appeal” procedure to the notice received within 10 days, reporting to their health company that they are no longer subject to the vaccination obligation, thus avoiding the 100 euro fine. .

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