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the footage from the cameras in Senago. And Giulia’s body is hidden in the garage

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the footage from the cameras in Senago.  And Giulia’s body is hidden in the garage

Senago (Milan) – Movements from home to car in the middle of the night on Sunday 28 May, carrying a casing, and then early in the morning on his way to work at the Armani Hotel in Milan with two more bags. I am in three video, in the records of the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Carabinieri of the investigative unit, with the protagonist Alessandro Impagnatiello, a few hours after killed with two stab wounds to the throat comrade Giulia Tramontano, seven months pregnant.

Alessandro Impagnetiello filmed by the cameras

The images taken by cameras pointing to the driveway of via Novella 14/A in Senago, where Impagnetiello lived with his partner, date back at 3 on Sunday 28 Mayi.e. about 5 hours after the murder, which took place between 8 and 8.30 pm on Saturday 27 May, while those with daylight are 7 in the morning, when the man – changed clothes – goes to work in Milan.

The two night videos, in particular they show what the barman did after going, around 3 in the morning, to the house of the 23-year-old Englishwoman with whom he had a parallel relationship. In that visit, Impagnetiello, left out of the house by the girl, says that Giulia is no longer “an obstacle” for their relationship.

at 3.22, returned eight minutes early to Senago after the blitz in the Milan home of the 23-year-old, we see Impagnetiello che exits the driveway. In the second – taken a few minutes after his return – it shows exit again from the same exit, under his left armpit he carries a plastic wrap with clothes. The sack comes deposited in the trunk of the car, parked about ten meters from the house. The stationary speaks of a wrapper probably made of white sheet or plastic the size of about 50 centimeters: “On foot, therefore, the young man goes towards his car parked, he enters it for a few seconds, to then succeed, close with an electronic device and always return home keeping the envelope described above”, reads the provision signed by the adjunct Letizia Mannella and the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo.

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Based on what Impagnatiello told the carabinieri on the night of his confession and arrest, in the hours in which he is filmed by these videos, Giulia’s body is hidden in the box of the building in Senago, where he himself he carried it after the murder and after trying to burn it in the bathtub at home.

At 7.01 on SundayImpagnetiello leaves the residential complex, once again from the driveway and not from the pedestrian crossing, “with a brown leather backpack on my shoulder”. And again: “He heads towards his car and after opening the automatic bonnet he leaves the backpack inside. Once the trunk is closed, therefore, the same returns from the driveway to then succeed in the subsequent ore 7.08″. And it is this last sequence that is captured by the camera: Impagnetiello has in his left hand “two casings, probably made of plastic, respectively in a light transparent shade the smaller and transparent light yellow the second larger, inside which one can see an agglomeration of compatible material with a bunch of clothes”. Arriving at the white T-Roc, Impagnatiello “first deposited the less voluminous bag in the rear bonnet and then the yellow bag, to then leave by car” in the direction of the Armani hotel in via Manzoni.

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