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The future of the car as seen by Charles Leclerc

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The future of the car, the vision of the world, the approach to technology, electric cars and the use of social media. And again chess, space travel, Posamen, Lol and the art of victory. It’s a Charles Leclerc as you have never seen that of the interview carried out last weekend on the eve of the GP of Montecarlo by the director of Italian Tech Riccardo Luna. It starts immediately with the most difficult aspect for each of us, but above all for an F1 driver. From the daring descents and ascents. What have you learned from the defeats? “For every mistake there is an analysis process that I always do, to understand where I went wrong. And once I understand, that I know why I made the mistake, I try not to do it again. But at that point I also try to erase it from my head. In order not to live with a defeat that used to depress me. An important mental process because afterwards I am stronger and stronger. But it has not always been like this. In the past I was different, I was very hard on myself. But now I feel I am more constructive. I worked a lot on it and I improved. Now I learn from my mistakes. “

Electric and flying cars: the future according to Charles Leclerc

And to the question “At the beginning of the pandemic it was said that afterwards everything will change. Do you feel changed by this emergency?” He replies that the world in general has changed with the pandemic. “I hope – he says – that one day life will return to what it was before. I hope and believe it. But I – personally – have not changed, I have certainly changed my habits, I know many things that we cannot do, but I am lucky because thanks to the Formula 1 I continued to travel, which many people have not been able to do. We are lucky in this world, we are exceptions “.

The fight against climate change and F1

“Getting to neutralize carbon dioxide emissions in 2030 as F1 announced is a very very good goal. Optimistic but this is how we have to see it, this is the right way. We all have our part to do, whether in the paddock eliminating plastic from the ever less polluting F1 hybrid engines, using special fuels. It is a great goal. I am sure that F1 will be able to reach this target: it is on the right track “.

Electric cars and battery-powered Ferrari

When asked if you have already driven the electric Ferrari announced by the president John Elkann for 2025 he answers “I would like”. “I am for electric cars – he explains – the world is the priority but the heat engine will always have a place in the future with hybrid and green petrol more and more pushed. Whatever Ferrari does is always special and iconic: it will be the same for the Electric red “.

Self-driving car

“Surely sometimes it has happened to me too that I have to drive 3-400 km on the road. Tiring. I understand that the car that goes alone can be comfortable. And – if it is safe – why not let yourself be guided by an artificial intelligence system. ? But in the end, I like driving so much that I would never push a button to be a passenger. “

Flying car

“I don’t know when it will arrive and I don’t know if in our life we ​​will have time to see it. But I’m sure that in 10 or 15 years the project could be realized. I hope so, it would be nice. With the evolution of drones that are small machines steering wheels”.

Space travel

“I know Elon Musk e Jeff Bezos they are looking for tourists and have a free place to go I gladly! For me it is a dream, we have often talked about it with my daughter and my girlfriend, I would like it very much “.

I social

“On race weekends I have a lot of work to do and only in that case I get help to manage social media, but the rest of the time I do everything by myself. I like the direct relationship with the fans, I like being involved in this activity. And then for those who follow me it would not be fair that it wasn’t me who was there with them but someone else. In any case, I always look at all the messages, especially now that the fans cannot come on the circuit: I feel their support by watching social networks ” .


“Leclerchismo leclericismo, I don’t know what it’s called. I would like to be myself, but I work a lot, I hope to show my values, as the modesty that my father and Jules Bianchi (former F1 driver who died in the race in 2015) they taught me. My career went fast and I always have to keep my feet on the ground. “

Free time and cheering

“I follow Alex Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon e Cristiano Ronaldo because I met them, but I’m not a football fan. So I don’t follow matches, but athletes like them can only be admired for their talent, determination and desire to improve. I also follow Lillo e Frank Matano, I looked at Lol and it made me very very laugh “.

The chess

“What player am I? Strategic, I play a lot with Carlos Sainz with an app on the iPad. Between the “king’s gambit” and “queen’s game” I prefer the latter. I like it a lot, but I’m still not good enough. “

The art of victory

“The concept is similar to what I said before: after every mistake you have to analyze it but don’t get too overhead. You have to be optimistic in all the things we undertake, even in private life: believe in ourselves with the modesty of understanding where improve, I haven’t finished that book by the Nike founder yet, but it’s interesting. “

Edison’s light bulb, the 10,000 errors and the new winning Ferrari

“Edison used to say that I didn’t make a mistake 10 thousand times in making the light bulb, but I proved 10 thousand times how it was not done. Let’s say that with Ferrari we are now at 5000 … We are halfway to winning again, but there is a lot of work to do. But there is also a lot of motivation. 2020 was very difficult, but now it is different, we have improved, the spirit is more positive. And it is good for the whole team. With Calros (Sainz, teammate, ed) we’re pushing each other, it’s a good phase for the team, 2022 will be an important year “.

The future

“The keywords are ‘ambition’ and ‘objectives’: but honestly every time I think about the future, I understand that I am someone who thinks a lot about the present. I have seen and learned over the years to enjoy the moment without waiting. professionally I often look to the future, but in my private life I think about the present “.


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