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The gray transformation for beautiful hair!

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We must defy cultural norms and celebrate our beautiful gray hair now. Getting gray hair isn’t as scary as it sounds. You can finally say goodbye to the days of having to hide your gray hair with dyes, lighteners and highlights. Gray Conversion – this is the gray transformation in which ladies let their natural gray hair grow.

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Because of its understated elegance, gray has recently become a popular hair color. Below are some tips on how to go from naturally colored hair to gray hair. If you’re tired of fighting aging, Gray Conversion is the way to go. Women should embrace their natural hair color and feel comfortable with their appearance!

Gray Conversion: Let the roots grow and apply masks

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It may take a while before you can start going gray, even if you’re ready. It’s best to get at least two inches of gray hair growth before you start.

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Gray hair tends to feel drier and brittle because it has lost its color and grows in a wiry texture. For this reason, most hairdressers recommend taking care treatments and regularly applying hair masks and hair treatments.

Get your hair cut regularly

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The next phase is to allow the hair to develop. When you’re ready, you can cut off the remaining color with a pixie cut to create the transition. Remember that the speed of graying depends on the haircut you want.

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Before consulting your stylist, think about the style you like and then ask for advice on how to create a sensible cutting plan so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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To speed things up, get smaller cuts more often. This is especially important if you’re trying to refresh dry, damaged hair that has been colored in the past.

Let your natural hair grow

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You can keep your gray hair growing naturally without treatment! If you want to go gray without spending a fortune on salon visits or harmful chemicals, cutting your hair is the way to go.

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However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that it requires a lot of time and persistence.

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It can take over twenty months for your hair to completely turn gray. If you have light hair, you can blend your gray hair with the rest of your hair by trying glossing. This treatment repairs lost color and nourishes the hair. In just one session, you can achieve salon-quality results – shiny, vibrant hair.

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Gray transformation with lowlights and highlights

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Your gray hairs will become more noticeable over time, even if they still only make up a small portion of your hair. Just when you think you’ve had enough, resist the urge to color everything! Avoid coloring the new hair growth with permanent color – this attacks the silver hair unevenly, creating another vicious color cycle.

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Instead of permanently coloring your hair, consider trying lowlights and highlights. They are far less damaging and provide color that lasts for around 30 washes. Not only do lowlights and highlights require less maintenance, but their tones also adapt to your natural gray so the change is less noticeable: the foil method, for example, is a fantastic method for coloring hair. The different shades allow your gray hair to complement the rest of your hair while bringing out its vibrancy.

The salt and pepper look is a great example of a transitional hairstyle – it’s a mix of black and gray tones that gives the impression of a natural shine and a hint of white.

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Dye hair gray

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If you want to dye your hair completely silver, you can do it yourself. There are now at-home hair colors in shades of silver and gray that can turn pigmented hair gray, making the transition quicker and easier.

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Find out what shade your gray hairline is most often seen in, then choose a shade that complements it. To maintain the targeted effect as the gray hair grows back, you can dye the face-framing layers until you have a full head of gray hair.

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