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the Health and Life Committee takes stock of the situation

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the Health and Life Committee takes stock of the situation

The press conference was held this morning by the Committee / Association “Health and Life” and other speakers. Spotlight “on the absence of answers from the ASL of Salerno. So, with the fundamental support of Democratic Medicine, once again we will try to make proposals and give answers, this time also thanks to the availability of professor Antonio Marfella, oncologist of the Pascale Institute of Naples, to all citizens who ask for help and in general to the population affected by the damage caused by the Pisano Foundries, which even in recent days have not stopped poisoning the air we breathe “, explained President Lorenzo Forte . As explained by Dr. Paolo Fierro, national vice president of “Democratic Medicine”, the whole story of the Pisano Foundries gave rise, among the many legal and environmental issues, to a biomonitoring study on the inhabitants of the Irno Valley, the SPES Studio in fact, produced by the Zooprophylactic Institute of Southern Portici, by the Pascale Institute, by the Federico II University and by the Campania Region, which reported, as a general data, an excess of heavy metals in the blood of the 400 volunteers of the Irno Valley . An element that could give serious clinical implications even at a distance. “These subjects, rightly alarmed, had asked for surveillance, clinical examination, toxicological advice or perhaps a generic evaluation, yet, according to the Salerno ASL, certainly aware of the study in question, since the samples were taken from asymptomatic subjects and in good health, did not recognize the need to undertake any additional investigation or health surveillance. We consider this attitude completely irresponsible in the presence of an environmental disaster demonstrated by numerous data and we warn those responsible that, should cases of risks for health or the onset of pathology related to heavy metals in exposed subjects, we will take legal action for guilty delay in the necessary prevention and early diagnosis “, says Forte.

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The appeal

Our associations, having at heart the health of the subjects who have undergone the survey, launch an appeal: not being able, for obvious reasons of privacy, to access the data of the 400 citizens representing the 30,000 of the “Valle dell’Irno” cluster who have undergone the SPES study, we contact them directly and ask to retrieve their reports, requesting them from the addresses [email protected] and [email protected]; after that, contact us at 328.3347836 or via email at [email protected] It is certainly not our task to replace that monitoring, prevention and above all detoxification plan that the ASL of Salerno should have set up and did not do, but we will try anyway, given the very serious disengagement of the Local Health Authority, to support the population exposed to the poisons of the Pisano Foundries.

The collection of medical records and SPES reports will then be subjected to the examination of a toxicology expert, Professor Antonio Marfella of the Pascale Institute, who will carry out a first clinical examination to the volunteers who request it. We specify that entering this program will not involve any expense and will guarantee privacy at all levels for this and all possible consequent operations. They will be asked, always with respect for privacy, to enter into a statistical evaluation to be used at a scientific and judicial level on the issue of pollution of the Irno Valley caused by foundries. We condemn the lack of interest on the part of the ASL of Salerno and add that, in the coming weeks, we will present a strong and decisive response to go all the way and nail those who behave as a bureaucrat and not as a doctor who has the duty to protect, first of all, public health.

The next initiative has also been presented of 11 July, in Piazza Sant’Agostino, to keep attention and continue to raise awareness on the environmental issue in the Irno Valley. A flash mob is planned to raise awareness among the population and ask for the participation of citizens and all those who intend to support the cause of the committee. “We will ask, once again, that this massacre of innocents who fall ill due to the pollution of the Pisano Foundries be stopped, but also due to the very serious fault of the omissive and complicit behavior of the Institutions, among the first the mayor of the Municipality of Salerno Vincenzo Naples, the Campania Region and the ASL of Salerno. After the flash mob there will be a focus in which Luigi de Magistris, former mayor, will participate in support of the battle for life, health and the environment. of Naples and with him senators, deputies and opposition municipal councilors, all together with the aim of closing the Pisano Foundries and nailing the institutions to their responsibilities. – continues Forte – The last topic addressed during the press conference is the “fake” technical table created by the Municipality of Salerno. We are convinced that the guarantee notice notified by the Public Prosecutor of Salerno last month to the mayor Vincenzo Napoli, due to the failure i usury of the Pisano Foundries, with the alleged crime of omission of official acts, will lead the first citizen to answer for his serious omissive responsibilities. As the administrative lawyer Franco Massimo Lanocita declares, this investigation determines, today, the nature of the technical table which, beyond the will of those who set it up, actually intervenes to pollute the framework on which the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating. Moreover, the lack of an internal dispute at the table degrades its credibility. Hence the strong perplexity that a suspect – which is the mayor – presides over a “technical” table that should reach “technical” conclusions useful to justify the work of the mayor himself on which the Prosecutor is investigating. The appeal is to the oppositions that, despite everything, with their presence, continue to guarantee “democratic credibility” at a table that was born badly and ended worse “, urges the president of the committee.

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The jab at the technical table of the Municipality

In this regard, engineer Salvatore Milione, technician of the “Health and Life” Association underlines how the various professional figures belonging to the Committee and to the Association, alias lawyers, doctors and engineers who, with facts, have demonstrated their competence but have been expelled from the municipal technical table from the beginning. “As the Health and Life Committee / Association we want to put a lie to this technical table, probably set up ad hoc to give an excuse to the lack of politics and the incompetence / absence / complicity of the mayor and of the entire municipal administration and, in our opinion, only serves to act as support for those who had to stop Fratte’s monster as soon as possible and did not. For this we will go ahead to denounce all the institutions involved and nail them to their responsibilities “, concludes Forte.

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