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the Health Gym was born

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An English name, but an entirely Paduan idea: the University of Padua, the Padua Hospital and Altavita-Ira (which manages some rest homes for the elderly in the city) have signed an agreement to launch the “Exercise is Medicine” project , integrating different approaches, intends to address the progressive aging of the population in an appropriate and multidisciplinary way, thus slowing down the possible chronicity and decreasing complications and disabilities.

Health gym

The project aims to connect hospital, local and social levels to promote an improvement in the quality of life in the elderly, who are often patients with chronic and multi-morbidity conditions who could benefit from physical exercise programmes. In this regard, Altavita-Ira makes available its own premises in via Monsignor Fortin 34 in the Terranegra district for the construction of a real “health gym”, in which people suffering from chronic diseases (for example severe obesity and congenital heart disease) can go to perform beneficial physical activity. The Department of Medicine of the University of Padua, in possible collaboration with other departments of the University, will instead propose specific initiatives aimed at the well-being of the elderly residing in the Terranegra district. Finally, for day guests and residents in the Terranegra area, motor activity programs will be proposed aimed at functional improvement/maintenance and reduction of the risk of falling. These programs can be organized in small groups, coordinated by a specialist in preventive and adapted motor activity, with the aim of improving not only physical efficiency, but also social interaction, particularly in the presence of early stages of cognitive decline and aimed, through physical activity, at slowing down the decay processes in progress. Participation in the activities will be open to family members of the guests, for sharing recreational activities and psycho-physical well-being and actions aimed at maintaining the skills of the elderly and for supporting the assistance activity of the elderly carried out by them, aimed at reducing caregiver stress.

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