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The healthcare revolution. Moratti: local medicine at the center – breaking latest news

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The vice president Letizia Moratti

Milano – “The spirit of this proposal is the strengthening of territorial health in a very concrete way “, said the Vice President of the Region and Councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti yesterday, illustrating the guidelines for the “counter-reform” of the Lombard social and health service to the Pirellone Health Commission, where the revision process of the Maroni reform will continue after five years of experimentation and one of a pandemic. Moratti details that Lombardy will have 216 “community houses” (elsewhere called “health houses”, general practitioners, specialists, community nurses and social workers will work there), 64 “community hospitals” (built “primarily” converting clinics or wards but without transforming any current hospital into an intermediate care facility) and 101 Cot (“Territorial operating centers”, to coordinate fragile patients between hospitalizations and home care).

By September the recognition, by December the identification of “addresses”, by March 2022 the contract to carry them out: the first certain times are indicated by the Pnrr, that is the national plan for spending the Recovery Fund which is one of the poles within which the counter-reform. The other is the requirements of the Ministry of Health, which will make the Districts, the Prevention and Mental Health departments reappear within the Asst, explained Moratti, stressing that the track entrusted to the councilors “only examines the improvements that it is believed to do “. Among these, the reintroduction of hospitals (for centers of “excellence” identified on the basis of precise criteria) which can be public and private. Gi. Bo.

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