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The hot nail trend in winter 2024

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Stunning, magnetic nail art is all the rage in South Korea. The extraordinary look of the Aurora nail style is based on the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. The shimmer appears to change color and move as you move your hands. Are you also excited to try Aurora Nails?

Photo: @diananailedit/ Instagram

This nail design became popular on Instagram and comes from South Korea. As exotic as Aurora nails may be, they are definitely within the realm of possibility for a beautiful DIY project. Here’s everything you need to know, including the origins of the design and how to create Aurora nails at home.

Aurora Nails are trendy

Foto: @lameufquifaitlesongles/ Instagram

You can probably imagine what aurora nails will look like if you think about what the term aurora really means: a natural phenomenon that creates spectacular displays of light in the sky, often known as the northern lights. The light captures these nails in the most stunning way because they are iridescent, holographic or opalescent.

Photo: @thenailwhisperer/ Instagram

Many ladies love the way these nails catch the light. This is another design that follows the velvet nail trend and creates a magical, mysterious effect. One of the most popular nail art trends right now is combining different textures with glittering or iridescent accents.

Photo: @tus.manos.hablan/ Instagram

In addition to their otherworldly appearance reminiscent of the northern lights, aurora nails also contain magnetic powers. Although they contain magnetic particles, the metallic gel polishes used for this appear to be identical to other metallic gel polishes. A nail artist, after applying polish, uses a magnetic wand to distribute and manipulate the shine.

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Photo: @tus.manos.hablan/ Instagram

You can find plenty of magnet-activated nail polishes online, so you can try Aurora nails at home if you don’t have a trip to Seoul planned (or if you can’t find a salon nearby that carries the right colors).

How is an Aurora nail design created in the salon?

Photo: @diananailedit/ Instagram

If you want your nails to look professional, consider treating yourself to a full manicure at a salon. There are many methods that experts use to achieve the classic, holographic Aurora manicure design. Some use chrome powder: Depending on the light, this highly pigmented powder can create an aurora effect that appears in either a light lavender or gold tone.

Photo: @diananailedit/ Instagram

To start, your nail technician will apply iridescent chrome powder by rubbing it into your nails. It is fashionable in South Korea and Japan to glue a piece of Mylar or foil cut to the shape of the nail onto the chrome using the modeling gel.

How can you achieve the Aurora effect in your own home?

Photo: @yuca_814/ Instagram

Even if you’re not a professional nail artist, you can try this style at home. However, it is quite demanding. There are a number of how-to videos on YouTube, but before you can follow along, you’ll need to order the necessary paints and foils. It can be expensive, but it’s not impossible. Applying the foil or Mylar is the most difficult aspect, so be prepared to put in some time to practice.

Foto: @lameufquifaitlesongles/ Instagram

That’s why it’s better to do your manicure at home with chrome powder. Use a gel base coat, file and prep nails before starting to design your Aurora nails.

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Photo: @tus.manos.hablan/ Instagram

The next step is to apply two coats of white or pastel nail polish and let it harden. After that, apply a gel topcoat and let it dry for 30 seconds. Then dab on the colored chrome powder using a beauty blender or an eyeshadow applicator. You have the option to apply an additional topcoat.

Inspiration for your next visit to the nail salon

Photo: @diananailedit/ Instagram

Check out these pictures and get ready for your next visit to the nail salon!

Combine Aurora Nails with tips

Photo: @yuca_814/ Instagram

This is a great way to combine different nail designs. The tips are always on trend, so it’s a good idea to spice up Aurora nails with modern tips.

Aurora nails with small stars

Photo: @erika_carolina.jp/ Instagram

You can enhance your manicure with small nail stickers – stars, hearts, etc. add a touch of modernity.

Eye-catching green manicure

Photo: @diananailedit/ Instagram

Make an instant statement with this eye-catching green manicure – it’s a real eye-catcher!

Simple nails for formal occasions

Foto: @vdw.nails/ Instagram

The Aurora nails are eye-catching, but they are also suitable for formal occasions: you should just choose the right color that can be combined with your elegant, classy outfit.

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