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The Hypnosis Institute welcomes pain-exhibition.de

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The Hypnosis Institute welcomes pain-exhibition.de

A new era of pain documentation and hypnotherapy


The Hypnosis Institute is pleased to announce that it has taken over and redesigned the renowned website pain-exhibition.de. This platform, which has so far dealt intensively with the representation and interpretation of pain in art and culture, is now entering a new chapter. Under the leadership of the Hypnosis Institute, it is being transformed into a unique online archive that not only preserves the original content, but also places it in a new context.

The website pain-exhibition.de has been an important resource for anyone interested in the multifaceted aspects of pain – be it from an artistic, cultural or medical perspective. The Hypnosis Institute plans to continue this tradition while expanding the topic with its specialized knowledge of the healing potential of hypnotherapy. “We are convinced that the combination of these two worlds will open up new insights and perspectives that are of great value for both laypeople and specialist audiences,” explains the head of the hypnosis institute.

By integrating into the digital offering of hypnoseinstitut.de, schrei-börse.de becomes part of a broader initiative that aims to strengthen the role of hypnotherapy in modern society and expand its fields of application. “Our vision is to promote a comprehensive understanding of pain while at the same time showing practical ways to relieve and heal,” adds the institute director.

The Hypnosis Institute invites everyone interested to visit the new online archive and to actively participate in discovering the complex relationships between pain representation, art, culture and the therapeutic possibilities of hypnosis. This initiative marks an important step in the Institute’s effort to positively influence public perception of hypnotherapy while making a valuable cultural and scientific contribution.

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For more information and to explore the archive, please visit our website at hypnoseinstitut.de.

Press contact:

Hypnoseinstitut Hannover

Mr. Winfried Wengenroth

Lister mile 45

30161 Hannover

Mail: [email protected]

Web: hypnoseinstitut.de/hypnose-hannover

The hypnosis institute was founded in 2019 by Winfried Wengenroth and Ewald Pipper. With locations in Bremen, Cologne and now Hanover, the institute offers high-quality hypnotherapy to treat a variety of complaints. With a focus on smoking cessation, weight loss, depression and child psychology, the Hypnosis Institute works to harness the full potential of hypnosis to improve mental health.

Hypnoseinstitut Hannover
Winfried Wengenroth
Lister mile 45
30161 Hannover
0511 – 9573 3291

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